7 Best Wilson Baseball Gloves – Buyer’s Guide 2020

If you’re looking for a baseball glove manufactured by the Wilson company or brand then, congrats because you are taking your high-end glove from one of the most renowned companies in the world.

However, if you are confused about what would be the ideal baseball glove series offered by Wilson and don’t be because in this guide you will get to know 7 best Wilson baseball gloves.

Wilson Sporting goods company is one of the leading and popular American sports equipment manufacturing company. They are based in Chicago Illinois.

 Best Wilson Baseball Gloves

They have been in the market for decades. the company has been serving its customer and manage to make its name through manufacturing equipment for many Sports from 1989 to present.

In this guide, you will get to know 7 best Wilson baseball gloves that have been specially designed according to the baseball player’s needs, position, experience, and preference.

You will get to know what series is actually perfect for what kind of player and for what kind of position you will also understand what are the pros and cons of each glove series offered by the American manufacturer Wilson Sporting goods company. But before that, it’s time to know what are the benefits of choosing the Wilson brand compare to other brands.

Wilson is an American company that provides sports equipment so there should be some advantages to choosing this one rather than Chinese companies.

Why Choose Wilson?

Here, I am giving you 3 reasons why you should pick and choose your desired glove from the Wilson Sporting goods company.


The brand Wilson itself gives you the reason why you should buy it. Unlike other companies that manufacture Sports Equipment from China or other countries, Wilson Sporting goods company manufacture their sports equipment in Chicago.

Other than that they are one of the most trusted companies that offer the most durable and reliable high-end premium baseball glove to their players.

From beginners to pros, most baseball players use Wilson baseball glove. So I hope you got to understand why you should pick your glove from the Wilson Sporting goods.


All the equipment especially baseball gloves manufactured by the Wilson Sporting goods company is up of top quality and the material is top-notch.

You will notice that all of its gloves have been made from pro stock or leather which is soft as well as durable. It is one of the most popular pure leather that has been widely used in baseball glove especially by Wilson.

Apart from that, they never compensate for the quality of the glove with anything even price. You may find most of the Wilson gloves series expensive but believe me it worth every penny.


Tons of options for every and each player. According to your preference, position, and requirement, you can easily get your desirable glove from the Wilson.

They offer varieties of glove that has been specially designed by keeping the position of the player in mind as well as giving them the extra confidence, flexibility, and the quick reaction that they will need while they will be in the field catching or throwing the ball.

This is what every single player looks for their glove from them and Wilson stands up to the ground very well.

7 Best Wilson Baseball gloves – Quick List

  1. Wilson A2K Baseball glove Series ( For Pro Player – High-End Premium glove )
  2. Wilson A2000 Baseball glove Series ( For Intermediate & Pro Player – Budget-Friendly )
  3. Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Baseball glove Series ( For Intermediate Player – High-End glove )
  4. Wilson A900 Baseball glove Series ( Beginner & Budget-Friendly)
  5. Wilson A700 Baseball glove Series For ( Beginners & Intermediates – Affordable )
  6. Wilson A1000 Fastpitch glove Series ( Another Alternative For Beginners & Intermediates But More Premium )
  7. Wilson A500 Baseball glove Series ( Cheapest One From Wilson )

7 Best Wilson’s Baseball glove – Detailed Review (Pros & Cons)

Wilson A2K Baseball glove Series ( For Pro Player – High-End Premium glove )

It is one of the most popular baseball glove series offered by Wilson that has been specially designed for the pro baseball players.

It is one of the best high-end premium glove offered by any company. It is very easy to break-n because it has three times more shopping that helps the glove to reduce the time.

Other than that you will get the best quality leather as it has been manufactured by pro stocks select leather. This leather has been chosen for its flawlessness and consistency.

The result is amazing because it is compatible and gives long-lasting shape to the glove. It will also provide a long-lasting shape according to the ball as well as your hand and will offer a quicker break-in with its rolled dual welting. This feature is alone enough for you to choose this one.

It will also protect your hand giving you proper Palm protection as it has double pal construction you will notice that a thin layer of a perfectly shaped piece of leather has been placed between the outer shell and the palm liner which gives you maximum pocket stability as well as its flexibility.

This is what matters the most. If you are a pro player or if you are looking for a glove that has been specially designed for the pro player then you can get this one.

It also has a flat finger binding that gives you extra control and the comfort that every Pro player will need in the field. Its bold logos gives the glove a very eye-catching look.

The expert craftsmen of Wilson has four generations of expertise and the knowledge into every and each glove of this series. They give each one three times more shaping and pounding so that your glove always stands the test of time.

Each model has also be designed by keeping the player feedback in mind and turning their dreams into reality. The glove is too stiff when it will be new but believe it will be easy to break-in and once it’s broke it will give you consistent results and will be ready for you up for the best performance.

It is one of the most expensive gloves offered by the Wilsons but as I said earlier whatever happens in the field it provides everything as well as it is one of the most popular high-end premium glove above all the glove available in the market.

You are paying for the thing that is going to last long as well as is going to give you everything chances and advantage possible in the field. It is worth every penny.

  • Perfect craftsman construction.
  • Three times more shaping.
  • Manufactured by Wilson.
  • Pro stock leather has been used.
  • The result is comparable.
  • Rolled dual welting quick break-in
  • Long-lasting shape.
  • Protect your hand with its dual Palm construction.
  • Provides maximum pocket stability.
  • Gives extra flexibility to the player.
  • A bit expensive

Wilson A2000 Baseball glove Series ( For Intermediate & Pro Player – Budget-Friendly )

Here is another series offered by the Wilson brand. Let me tell you it’s not only one of the most popular series among baseball players but it’s also an Amazon choice product. This Wilson a2000 baseball glove series is perfect for any intermediate and Pro player.

It is affordable and comes in the best quality possible. It has been designed for every and each position and has a variety of options to offer.

It has both hand orientation to offer so that you can choose what you need. It is also available in different sizes and colors with other designs giving you extra options to take from.

It has been manufactured with pro stock leather. The leather is popular and preferred for its unmatched feel and rugged durability.

Each and every glove have been made with pro stocks leather so, it clearly means that all the glove is top-quality.

One of the most amazing things to point out about this glove is that it has been made with Pedroia Fit for players who have smaller hands. It also has dual welting which gives the pocket durability and long-lasting break-in.

It has been designed for quicker break-in as well as better closure so that you can easily open it and close it in the field with the help of a thin heel pad.

It also has flat finger binding making it more durable and flexible. It is a budget-friendly and amazing glove for any intermediate or Pro baseball player.

As its Amazon choice products, you can easily purchase one from Amazon. It provides greater finger protection and also offers you a comfortable and softer feel.

  • Softer and comfortable fees.
  • Long-lasting shape.
  • Made with pro stock leather.
  • Dual rolled welting.
  • Lightweight glove.
  • Extremely comfortable feet.
  • Supreme thumb support.
  • Eye-catching color patterns and schemes.
  • Thin heel pad for a quicker break-in.
  • Easy to open and close.
  • Made with Pedroia Fit for athlete with smaller hands.
  • Available in a variety of options.
  • Break- in takes time without oil.

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Baseball glove Series ( For Intermediate Player – High-End glove )

Don’t be confused with the Wilson a2000 baseball series and Wilson a2000 super skin baseball glove series – there is a little different.

Yes by its name you can understand the difference. However, before I tell you what exactly makes this one different from the previous one, let me tell you it’s a very high-end premium glove that has been specifically designed for intermediate baseball players.

If you are intermediate then you can also go for this one because anyway, sooner you will require a high-end premium glove.

It is also available in different color grades as well as comes in different sizes. It also has both hand variation left and right so if you are a lefty go for it.

It has also been Made with Pedroia Fit. It has Super Steel on its leather stitched. It has been designed by the best craftsman of Wilson’s.

It has h web design. It has been made with black pro stock leather offering the unmatched feel and durability. The black super skin that has been used on the series of the glove is as twice as strong as regular leather but half the weight.

It is lightweight but stronger than the normal 1 mm series. Apart from that it has a durable pocket and offers long-lasting break-in, thanks to dual welting.

It will protect your finger as it also has a flat finger binding and gives you better closure with the help of its thin heel pad.

It can be expensive but believe me it’s worth every penny. As I said it’s the high-end glove and it is going to cost you extra.

It will be too stiff when new which is good because it proves that it has been made with the highest quality leather and is definitely going to take some time to break- in. You will have to use the best oil for baseball glove to break- in the glove quickly, successfully and completely.

  • Designed according to the player’s feedback and preference.
  • Made with pro stock leather.
  • Unmatched feel.
  • Flexible and durable.
  • Three times stronger due to the super skin.
  • Provides you comfortable protection.
  • Provide greater finger protection.
  • Gives a softer but more comfortable feel.
  • Long-lasting shape.
  • Dual rolled welting provides extra stability and durability.
  • Works great for the intermediate player as well as beginner player.
  • Looks gorgeous and eye-catching.
  • A bit expensive. Takes time to break- in.

Wilson A900 Baseball glove Series ( Beginner & Budget-Friendly)

Dude, If you are a beginner and looking for a glove that is also high-end but budget-friendly then go with this one. It has also been Made with Pedroia Fit for players with smaller hands.

It has been made with the pro stock leather and comes in three different color combinations. Three different schemes of color give you options to choose from. It also comes in different sizes making it perfect for any position of the baseball players.

It protects your hand thanks to dual palm construction and makes the front side stronger. The role of the low-profile heel on the front side also makes it more stable. The construction makes it one of the best in the market for thickness in a budget-friendly range.

  • The leather feels great.
  • The design of this glove is awesome.
  • Comfortable to wear and use.
  • Worth the price.
  • Made with Pedroia fit.
  • It has h web pattern.
  • It features double palm construction.
  • It also has low profile heels on the front side.
  • Reliable, sturdy, and stable option for beginners.
  • Full leather construction making it one of the best quality gloves.
  • Will take some time to break- in.
  • May not be quick as the glove that has been designed for intermediate player specialist.

Wilson A700 Baseball glove Series ( Beginners & Intermediates – Affordable )

This series offered by the Wilson is also for beginners and intermediates and the price tag of this glove is also a very Minimalist. All the glove in this series is affordable and comes in different sizes making it perfect for any position on the field.

It comes in a blonde color but has both hands orientation. It has pro laced t web design made within it. It has also been made with blondie full-grain leather which is also one of the best quality leather available at this price range.

This series has been backed by hundreds of buyers’ reviews making it popular among baseball players. It has all leather laces making it stronger and tougher for maximum durability.

According to the claim of this brand, these glove series has free broken in gloves so all you have to do is to wear it and play.

  • Made with full-grain leather.
  • Hundred percent broken-in.
  • Leather laces for maximum durability.
  • Perfect for beginners ad the intermediate players.
  • Affordable.
  • Pro laces T web design.
  • Easy to function.
  • Comfortable.
  • Comes in a classic color blondie which is light brown.
  • Made with leather from the outside but synthetic in the inside.
  • Breathability can be an issue.

Wilson A1000 Fastpitch glove Series ( Another Alternative For Beginners & Intermediates But More Premium )

Here is another alternative for beginners and intermediates player but is more premium than the previous one. It’s an A1000 glove series that has everything to offer its player.

It also has both hand orientation and available in three different sizes making it possible to wear for any position. It has 4 different color schemes to offer.

It has a custom fit lacing making it adjustable according to the player reference. You will also get the white and grey leather design on the glove.

It is affordable but costs more than the previous one but definitely, worth the cost. It will protect your hand under any condition as well as comes with breathability which seems to be absent in the previous one.

It is well made and comfortable to wear. It is also very easy to break-in. You may feel it quite stiff at first but once it’s completely broken in, you can easily use it without any hassle

  • Easy to wear.
  • Affordable.
  • Durable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Protect the player and very well.
  • Well made by the craftsman.
  • Dual post web making it more stud you.
  • Custom V backlist lacing system.
  • The eye-catching leather design which is Hue white and grey design.
  • Easy to break m.
  • Perfect for beginner and intermediate player.
  • Not good for fastpitch travel born according to a Bharatiya review.
  • The finger stalls can be tight opening seems to be tight.

Wilson A500 Baseball glove Series ( Cheapest One From Wilson )

Any player can get this but if the price is is low then you can expect fewer features, as well as advantages, compared to the high, and . it has the h web design making it perfect for easy closure.

it is also available in 7 different colors and five different sizes. It has both and orientation. it gives you the varieties of options to choose from.

it also has a double Palm construction which will protect your hand from the hard hits. It has rolled dual good team giving it the stability that you meaning in the field.

It has been made with top-grain leather. It is one of the lightest all other gloves available in the market at a very cheap price. It is specially designed for the youth baseball player.

So it will give you ready to go field without any unnecessary happiness. It has also been backed up by hundreds of ratings on Amazon so, it really means that hundreds of people have purchased and used this one.

It’s a very good glove at a very good price and also words for adult 2. At this price point, This glove series is great for its design and comfort and quality also seems to be great for the amount.

  • Cheapest.
  • Decent quality and design.
  • Comfortable.
  • Flight fitted.
  • Easy to break-in.
  • Nice leather.
  • Different nice color options.
  • Deep pocket.
  • Easy to open and close.
  • Perfect for youth.
  • Worth the money.
  • H web design.
  • Rolled dual welting making it most stable.
  • Double palm construction protects your hand from hard or tough hits.
  • May not be as durable as another glove.
  • Fewer features compared to another glove at this price.
  • Ideal for only youth.

How to break- in Wilson glove quickly?

The official video has been uploaded by the Wilson itself on YouTube if you want, here is the video to look at. You can follow the guidelines mentioned by the Wilson company to break- in the glove efficiently. Other than that you can also use our method.

The first thing that you need to break-in your glove Quicker and completely is oil. Choose or by the best oil for a baseball glove, I have shared 7 best oil for baseball glove to look at. After making a purchase here is what you need to do.

Apply the oil at the desired point. Remember not all the points of the glove are going to be used for catching & throwing. after applying the oil. place the ball in the pocket of the glove and tied it up efficiently.

Leave it to drive off for at least 24 hours. After 24 hours, untie the glove and if you find any extra oil then wipe it off with a cloth. Now start playing or practicing catching.

This is the best possible way to break your baseball glove quickly. Apart from that, the cracks get to develop on the glove’s leather making its texture very bad so, I advise you to condition it properly with a good conditioner.

I have shared 7 best leather conditioner for a baseball glove that you will need to use to condition your baseball leather from time to time. You just need one conditioner. So go ahead and pick one for your high-end premium Wilson glove.

Are expensive baseball gloves worth it?

No, not all the expensive gloves available in the market proved to be the best one. However, any high-end baseball glove can be expensive but worth the cost. You must read the pros and cons before making any purchase.

What gloves do pro baseball players use?

Most of the pro baseball player uses Rawlings gloves compared to the Wilsons glove but still, Wilson’s are also preferred by the pro baseball players. Wilson’s offer better quality levels and has also been manufactured in the United States so you can go either of them.

Is Wilson or Rawlings better?

Both have their own pros and cons and both of them make a glove with a different kind of leather. When we compared the leather quality you can rely on the Wilson more. The choices and the option are more available with the Rawlings.

Final conclusion

I hope that I managed to give you valuable information about the 7 best players in baseball glove available in the market right now which you can purchase.

Apart from that, let me tell you any glove available in the market is going to be very stiff to use if it has been made from Ultra Pure leather.

Always remember pure leather will be too stiff when it will be new but will get softer and will easily get broken in when the right method applied or it has been extensively used by the player during practice.

You can speed up the break in the process by applying some oil in it. I would recommend you to also purchase the best conditioner for baseball because, to keep your high-end glove, leather conditioner is going to maintain its quality, texture, and softness – you will need to condition it from time to time.

I hope that I managed to give you valuable information and if I did then please make sure to share this post if you have any questions regarding any glove then you want to comment below and ask me I will try to give your answer as soon as possible.

also free feel free to drop in an email. I have also shared 9 best Rawling baseball glove available in the market to look at. See you in the next post till then take care and goodbye.

Hi, I'm Lucas M. Anderson (Ex- baseball player). My baseball career got shattered due to knee injury but I didn't quit and now I am a little league baseball coach and content writer. I remember, how ambitious I was for my baseball career. I hope you all get what you want and achieve great success. If you find any error or correction in the article, please let me know. Good Luck & Congrats for your new baseball mitts. :)

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