7 Best Oil For Baseball Gloves – Buyer’s Guide 2020

Most of the gloves available in the market is made up of plastic materials. Only 27% of the available baseball gloves are made from pure leather. We all are aware that leather is the only suitable material that has the strength and durability to withstand the strong throws of the fellow teammates and hits of the batters. But, to keep the leather baseball gloves strong and durable, you need to oil it, that is why here I am going to tell you about 7 best oil for baseball gloves.

All kinds of apparel made from leather need to be maintained to keep its strength, quality, and durability in good condition for best use and experience. The same applies to baseball gloves. A pure leather glove can not only last for years but can also ensure the best performance out of the player, no matter how excessive your use is.

Nobody can keep their leather baseball gloves in perfect condition for convenient use without oiling them properly and regularly.

Best baseball gloves oil will not ensure an easy break-in but will also prevent any kind of cracks in old ones. A top quality baseball glove oil also cleans the glove. In one word, we can say that “best oils for leather baseball gloves” can extent your high-end glove’s life.

You should always refrain from buying and using off-the-shelf products that claim to oil or condition the leather baseball gloves but don’t mention the ingredients used in the product. Using a low-quality oil on leather gloves can ruin its own natural finishing and feel.

Most of the off-the-shelf products are cheap and often bear vague labels without mentioning the ingredients. You need to stay as far as possible from this kind of oil as just to save a couple of dollars, you will end up ruining your high-end expensive gloves. It’s not worth it. Just to help you I have put together 7 best oils for leather baseball gloves.

7 Best Oil For Baseball Gloves

If you are confused or don’t know where and how to find high-quality oils for baseball gloves, then stay with this article and read on. I am going to tell you 7 of the best baseball gloves oils that are easily available online right now.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Oil For Baseball Mitts

All the products have been listed by keeping these factors in mind but in case if you manage to find the best oil for baseball gloves outside of this list as well. But before you buy or search any oil for baseball mitts, consider the following factors.


Oils made by natural ingredients are considered as good oils for a baseball glove. The most common ingredients that are often used or added to the oils for baseball gloves are synthetics primarily petroleum distillates.

These kinds of artificial ingredients always keep the product cost and price at a minimum but don’t negotiate with the quality and effectiveness.

So, make sure you always read the label of whatever oil you are looking for and if it’s for baseball gloves then make sure that it does contain mink oil/beeswax, neatsfoot, or a combination of these natural leather conditioner.

Another organic ingredient that makes a good leather oil is pine tar. These are all ingredients that you must look for in any best oil for baseball gloves as it not only makes the oil more effective but also free of toxins.

Ensuring these ingredients will clearly mean that you never have to worry about skin rashes and allergies while you use it.


Any oil you choose may not give noticeable effects on the leather glove immediately. Plus, avoid cheap oils as they often do that. Cheap oil may break-in the new leather glove fast but will eventually fail to keep up with the regular conditioning of its leather.

That is why I am continuously stressing over the glove oil that is made from organic ingredients. In this case, neatsfoot oil is good in offering continuous good conditioning results. This is why I have picked 100% neatsfoot oil as our top pick among all the best oils for baseball gloves.

Water-Resistant quality

Another factor to follow is to not only look for oil that helps in fast break-in but also add a water-resistant layer on the gloves.

The oils should always add a water-resistant layer as it will prevent the crack that your high-end glove may develop over time. Baseball gloves oils with mink oils and beeswax are the best in giving waterproofing layer to a baseball glove.


This is also a must-follow and known factor to take into consideration as it will decide how easy it is to use on gloves. You need to ensure that the baseball gloves oil you are purchasing is easy to use and apply.

Bottles that come with applicators or with spill-free edges are the ones that would be better options. You can also go for spray bottles as you will not have to use a piece of cloth to work.

7 Best Baseball glove Oils – (Quick List)

  1. Obenauf’s Leather Oil (16oz with Applicator)
  2. Hot glove Treatment Instant glove Break-In
  3. Fiebing’s Premium Baseball glove Oil
  4. Easton Professional Baseball/Softball glove Oi
  5. Bickmore 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil – Top Pick
  6. Sof Sole Mink Oil for baseball leather glove conditioning and waterproofing
  7. Rawlings Glovolium XL Trigger Spray

7 Best Oil For Baseball gloves (Detailed Review – Buying Guide)

Here are 9 best baseball glove oils that have been reviewed in detailed so that you can choose a perfect and ideal fit for your high-end baseball glove.

Obenauf’s Leather Oil (16oz with Applicator

If you are looking for an oil that can help you in Breaking in a newly bought and purchased baseball gloves then maybe this one is for you because this is ideal for all that can help you in Breaking in your glove effectively and more importantly faster.

It also serves as an all-around leather care product for your high and baseball glove. Unlike other leather oils available in the market, this oil has been packed with all the natural ingredients that is necessary for every single leather conditioning oil to contain.

This leather oil has various essential oils and propolis that it always maintain the quality of leather and also gives the leather a new life. So, it can effectively increase your baseball glove life. This also protects your glove from cracking and maintains the shine of the baseball player.

The other thing that is quite noticeable in this oil is that it is not only perfect for newly bought gloves and other leather items but also can restore your old glove.

You must know that old baseball glove basically develops cracks over time, you may have to buy a new glove but in case you want to restore your old gloves then this one is perfect for you.

This oil is not going to get rid of them completely but yes it can reduce them so if you are looking for an oil that can reduce heat developed crack on your old baseball glove then this is the one.

  • It contains all the organic leather conditioners and ingredients.
  • This oil also comes in a very well thought out packaging that makes the oil more trustworthy.
  • Nothing can be great than buying an Amazon choice product.
  • It also offers results within 24 hours which makes it a very competitive oil in the market.
  • This glove is not recommended suitable for suede

Hot glove Treatment Instant glove Break-In

Just like the first one, this oil has also been designing for a quick break in the baseball gloves. This hot glove treatment glove instant glove break-in also works great on older gloves.

It provides a good waterproofing and conditioning to the leather and also acts as a protector from cracks that may occur over time in your glove. Oil is also available in a pump or aerosol spray depending upon your choice. You can easily use this oil on its own before applying any kind of conditioning cream on your glove and more importantly, this is also made in America.

So if you are looking for an oil that can help you in Breaking in a brand new baseball glove, then maybe you might like this one.

You will instantly notice the result within 24 hours with this product. Most of the reviews available on the Amazon stated that this spray also produces quit results in a single treatment, few of them also mentioned that they had to apply it three or even 4-5 times before getting the desired result.

Basically, it totally depends upon your glove. If it’s a high-end glove and the level leather is of top quality then maybe it may take less time compared to the glove that has been priced under 200$

  • It is affordable.
  • It perfectly works on baseball gloves as well as other leather gloves & items which give you a choice.
  • It can easily speed up the process of breaking in the newly bought baseball glove.
  • Affordable.
  • It may require multiple treatments to get the desired result on some brand gloves.

Fiebing’s Premium Baseball glove Oil

Right now, frankly speaking, this oil is one of the best leather conditioning formulas available in the market online. This will always make sure that you are getting your desired result and that is why they have produced the best product available in the market that has been formulated by the mixture of best oils including the neatsfoot oil.

So, it will always make sure that you can break-in and condition your high-end Leather baseball glove effectively. One of the most interesting things about this glove oil is its packaging. Unlike other gloves that come in a traditional bottle, this one comes in a very handy spray applicator.

A little amount of single spray bottle is alone enough for conditioning your baseball glove for the rest of the season for sure. The main advantage of this is spray bottle oil is it’s easy to use applicator.

You will never need to work harder in the oil on the globe I just sprayed the oil on the needed points of the glove and let it dry. Ingredients present in the oil penetrates deeply in the leather and which will also make it waterproof.

Apart from baseball gloves, this oil is also good for all kinds of leather products which means that you can easily condition your leather boots or belt with this oil.

  • It comes with a very unique mixture of a different leather conditioner as well as care items.
  • It is also very easy to use.
  • It always gives a better result compared to other oil with the lesser application.
  • It is affordable. Affordable.
  • Available online.
  • Using too much may darken the light color leather items including baseball glove.

Easton Professional Baseball/Softball glove Oil

If you are really struggling with your new baseball glove and looking for something that can fasten the process of breaking in of baseball glove then, in this case, you may feel skeptical about the majority of the glove available online and other conditions products that claim to ensure complete break-in of new leather gloves.

This one can be considered the best one as it offers a proven breaking in of any baseball glove no matter what kind of glove you have bought or what type of leather they are made from.

Plus, the application of oil is also a very easy and effortless glove you just need to apply the oil on the required point of the baseball glove and rub it with your hand or a piece of cloth and leave it for at least 24 hours to dry.

You will notice that as soon as the oil gets absorbed by the glove, your glove will be soft and broken-in completely for the match. It is also odorless so it is a plus sign for those people who don’t want their glove to smell at all.

The odorless nature of the oil perfectly fits those people. Adding to that if you are also allergic to any kind of artificial fragments that you may rest assured because the use of this glove oil will never result in any allergy.

Personally, I also like the transparent display box packing of this oil. This one may cost a few extra but lets me tell you it’s worth it because, in the end, you will not only get the desired result but will also notice an improvement in your leather glove condition. It will surely increase your glove life.

  • It is perfect for those who are allergic to artificial fragrance.
  • It offers the most hassle-free breaking in of any baseball leather glove.
  • It will never stain any leather finish.
  • It is easily available in a handy 4-ounce bottle.
  • A bit expensive.

Bickmore 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil – Our’s Top Pick

Ok, the NEATSFOOT oil is the best organic conditioner for any leather product. Neatsfoot has also been proved perfect for leather conditioning and polishing.

You may find a very low priced neatsfoot oil but believe me, they are basically or usually made with petroleum distillates which is harmful to the leather as it will make your glove fall apart.

Plus that kind of addons reduces the potential of the original content of neatsfoot oil. So, in the end, you will get an underwhelming leather conditioning. However, it is not going to be the case or the scenario with this oil which is more neatsfoot oil.

It will surely soft and breaking your new baseball glove very easily and will give it’s leather material the desired or required texture. Yes, feel-good as continuous use of this oil will also help you in making sure that your glove long life.

It will also protect your glove from the cracks that occur on the glove over time or by overuse. But, you need to remember that sometimes, neatsfoot oil also darkens the light color leather items with frequent applications. So, it is recommended to not use this oil too much as it will darken your light color leather gloves.

But, it is not a sign of worry the change of color in your glove is never going to change the grain, quality, and the field by any means. Really looking for a conditioner or oil that can help you with your new glove then it would be better to take a look at this one and it is our top pick.

  • This oil is available and comes in a very handy 8 Oz bottle.
  • It is perfect for a baseball glove.
  • It is also good for boots or shoes or any kind of item that is made of leather.
  • Amazon choice product.
  • May darken a light color leather item.

Sof Sole Mink Oil for baseball leather glove conditioning and waterproofing

Apart from baseball leather gloves, it is also perfect for leather shoes, leather jackets, belts, and boots. Just like another oil available in the market, this leather oil also creates a good waterproof barrier against the elements and will always help the glove to protect its leather by preventing saltwater and perspiration States.

Plus this oil is also very easy to use and after applying it on your glove it will dry within minutes. However, it may darken some leather especially the ones that is light in color but doesn’t worry as I said it is not going to ruin the quality or the feel of the glove.

  • Comes in one pack as well as three-pack.
  • Amazon’s choice.
  • Mink oil is one of the best conditioner and waterproofing for leather.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • Dries within minutes.
  • Protects from water, perspiration, and salt stain.
  • Thousands of good reviews on Amazon.
  • It can restore old baseball glove.
  • May darken light color glove.

Rawlings Glovolium XL Trigger Spray

It can make the glove and will protect it from the outer element. It will prevent your glove from any kind of water or salt stain. It includes organic components and has been manufactured by the advanced formula.

It comes in an extra-large 8 Oz trigger spray bottle but let me tell you it’s not a correct description on the amazon because according to some reviews on Amazon, they have stated that even they claim to be that in a trigger spray bottle, it comes in a pump bottle.

However, it is not going to make any difference because the desired result will be achieved by applying this one. Other than that, if you are using any kind Rawlings baseball glove then maybe you want to stay with this company. Plus, it is also perfect for any kind of Rawling’s products.

  • It can also be used in any kind of other leather products.
  • It is very simple and easy to use.
  • Easy and quick breaking a new baseball leather glove
  • Amazon choice.
  • It’s a pump spray – NOT TRIGGER SPRAY

BaseBall glove Oils VS BaseBall glove Conditioners

BaseBall glove Oils

Baseball glove oils help in making the breaking in a baseball glove easier and faster. Generally, oils are used/applied on gloves when they are either too stiff to use or when it’s new. Always know that all kinds of baseball glove oils tend to stay at one spot where its applied, so be sure to apply it in the right spot.

BaseBall glove Conditioners

BaseBall glove Conditioners helps in keeping the glove in good condition and shape over time. In one word, it’s mainly for maintenance purposes. They may be helpful in a break in a baseball glove but they are not as effective as oils.

It is because conditioners are mainly petroleum-jelly based. The main advantage of conditioners is that they are easy to spread than oils. This prevents the glove form from being heavy in some parts and stained in others.

How To Break-In In Baseball gloves?

The best performance can only be given by the baseball gloves when they are broken in. Anyone can easily break in a baseball glove but if he/she breaks in the glove wrong way, it can ruin everything before the use. It can be disastrous.

Eventually, you will have to buy a new one. Breaking in the glove in a wrong way will misshapen the glove, making it very difficult or unfit to catch the ball. I would say that baseball glove oils are the best to break in the glove.

Always purchase the right kind of baseball glove oils as there are lots of oil available in the market that claims it for baseball glove but it’s not. Even they say, not all glove oils are best for baseball gloves.

You may find all the glove oil are for leather gloves but it doesn’t mean that all of them are perfect for leather baseball gloves. If you purchase the wrong kind, it could be disastrous.

So, as I told you in the factors, you must check what ingredients have been used and read the instructions of your baseball glove to know what kind of oil is recommended to use.

Always try to find if there is any more special instruction that can help break in the glove. If you don’t see any instructions, then choose an oil from our list according to your preferences and use as all the oils listed here are perfect for baseball.

Doing otherwise could do damage and ruin your glove and will make your baseball glove heavier to use than usual.

Use The Baseball glove Oil Sparingly

Don’t think that using or applying a lot of baseball glove oil will fasten the breaking process. It’s not true. Using or applying a lot of oil is neither the right way of using the oil nor breaking in the glove.

You should use and apply a few drops only in selected areas of the glove as a little goes a long way. Using too much oil will allow your glove to absorb more oil, making it too heavy and soft which will also make your glove fragile and useless.

Apply the oil in the right spots of the baseball glove

You never need to coat the baseball glove in ever spot because not every part of the baseball glove is used for catching or throwing. If you mistook the right spot, you will soften the parts of the glove that can make it fall apart.

Make sure to always apply or put the oil in the pocket areas only and mainly as it will only soften parts where the impact of the ball will be made. You should also apply and put the oil in between the space of your fingers as it will avoid any possible injuries.

Leave it to rest to dry

Now, after putting the oil in your baseball glove, you will need to let the glove absorb the oil completely so that it can break it completely with ease.

You may dozens of articles over the internet stating that you should let you high-end glove dry it off in the sun after oiling it but I wouldn’t recommend you as it may cause wrinkles.

Compare to this, It is better if you just let your baseball glove dry off governing in a dry cool place. In the morning, you can always wipe off the excess oil from the glove.

Make the Pocket in the Baseball glove

Always remember to put the baseball into the pocket to make the pocket more visible and useful in the glove and wrap your baseball glove when you are not using it.

This is just after you have let it dry from breaking in. It is the best possible way to help the glove to retain and conform to the shape of the baseball. It will make catching easier for you.

How To Revive Your Old Baseball glove Using Oils?

If you are one of them who thinks that breaking in the new baseball glove is harder than reviving an old baseball glove then you are wrong. Reviving an old baseball mitt can be hard more than breaking-in the newly purchased glove.

But, reviving an old one doesn’t need to be so daunting. Using good baseball oils or best baseball conditioner will make it easier for you to revive your old baseball glove.

Here are some tips that everybody to know if they want to revive an old baseball glove.

Use a saddle soap

You should always use saddle soap as it not only helps in moisturizing your glove but also removes the unwanted residue.

Unwanted residues usually happen from the buildup of the dirt and bad oils that have been sitting on your glove. Always remember to use a dry rag to remove and repeat the step is needed.

Allow Sitting

You should allow the glove to dry off for a day or two before you start using or applying conditioner or oil to your baseball mitts.

It’s going to help the glove breathe and remove any unwanted water build-up that may drive out the oils or the conditioner. Adding to that, fold and bend your glove to loosen it.

Use a conditioner or oil

Mink oil, Neatsfoot, or any other product similar to this will help you in moisturizing the baseball mitt completely. Always use this after you have followed the two steps.

In the case of reviving, you can use either baseball oils or baseball conditioner. However, the best baseball conditioner is recommended. Apply a small amount of baseball conditioner on the necessary areas.

Rub it properly and let it sit for a couple of days. Afterward, reapply the conditioner if you find it still too stiff.

Final Conclusion

Most of the baseball gloves are similar in nature but even a little difference can make a huge impact on your decision.

Choosing a reliable, trustworthy oil for baseball gloves can keep your high-end baseball glove in pristine shape and in good condition which also determines and affect how you focus, perform and play for the season and others to come.

If you want the most bang and effective results then you are ready to pay bucks, “Sof Sole Mink Oil” is all around the best one overall. Not only, it will extend your gloves’ life but will also give a new finished look after every oiling session.

It will never discolor your mitt but will make it more soft and ready to play. Go-Get Ready Play. It is also one of the most convenient oil to use on any glove. You don’t need to use it too much, only a few spray or drop is enough


On the other hand, in case if you looking for the most known and established brand then in this case, “Obenauf’s Leather Oil” will fulfill and never let you down.

This company has been in this leather conditioning business for decades and continues to be of the top brand all over the world in this niche market. Always know that this oil has not been designed with baseball gloves only but also act as a softener.

This oil is going to keep your baseball malleable. The only downside you will face if you use it too much is it will discolor your glove as well.

Now, here comes our top pick – if you are looking something from both the world then “Bickmore 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil” is our first and top pick. It will break down any new baseball glove.

This baseball gloves oil will keep your mitts in a great condition and will always protect it form cracks. This is the best mid-ranged baseball gloves that anyone will want.

This is the best oil for baseball gloves in a budget that has backed up by hundreds of reviews. It is also a lightweight – easy to throw in a travel bag oil that won’t leave grease and only makes the mitt malleable.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with any of the baseball gloves oils on this list. All of the oils have been designed and made to keep leather soft and malleable, to extend its life and keep your performance the best in the field.

I hope you will find this post helpful and if you liked our post then do comment and share. Any questions regarding gloves and its product are welcome. Drop your comment and let me know how was your experience.

Hi, I'm Lucas M. Anderson (Ex- baseball player). My baseball career got shattered due to knee injury but I didn't quit and now I am a little league baseball coach and content writer. I remember, how ambitious I was for my baseball career. I hope you all get what you want and achieve great success. If you find any error or correction in the article, please let me know. Good Luck & Congrats for your new baseball mitts. :)

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