7 Best Leather Conditioner For Baseball Gloves – Buyer’s Guide

For people who spend most of their time in the baseball field, it is very important to keep caring for their baseball glove. As you know most of the baseball glove available in the market are leather products they can easily deteriorate if they have been used extensively or given repeated exposure to heat and moisture.

Plus you can also get some cracks by frequent use and slowly get hard during long term usage. So it is not only important for us to keep our gloves in a cool and dry place but it is also important to keep the surface soft as well as lubricated and moisturized.

Obviously, that only using a glove is not only a good habit but it is also important to maintain the leather by using the best baseball glove conditionerd.

All the baseball conditioners available in the market are usually oil products. In fact, most of them can also be used for various types of leather items of products like boots or belts.

However, when choosing the best baseball glove conditioners for your baseball gloves, you need to consider a few things. It is very important to understand that a good leather conditioner is only the one that has been manufactured by natural oil, not by artificial ones.

Leather conditioners that have been formulated or manufactured using natural oil like Lebanon or neatsfoot oil would be good for your high-end baseball leather glove.

If you are looking for something more premium or trustworthy conditioner then you can also focus on mink oils as it will provide better water-resistant quality.

Always remember that most leather conditioner also contains petroleum because it is usually cheaper but it can have an unpleasant smell and cause an uneven surface.

I am not saying that this kind of product is non-standard because they can be effective also but I would never recommend it to those whose skin or respiratory is sensitive.

Normally a baseball glove conditioners have the same work principle as oils, both of the products penetrate deep into the leather.

Always remember that it can also influence the color of your glove. You should always understand that using the wrong leather conditioner for your glove can make your glove to be sticky.

The main function of a good baseball glove conditioner is to maintain its quality and performance throughout life and also extend its life.

The function of a baseball glove conditioner is also to help you in a quick and easy break-in. You can also use a good baseball glove oil inside the glove to do this but if you are looking to revive your old one then this is the one I would advise.

Most of the conditioner available in the market have similar performance on Leather so purchasing or buying a good or the best baseball conditioner is more like a matter of budget.

You will definitely get whatever you pay. So to save your time, I would suggest you check the following best baseball glove conditioners that has been listed.

All of the best leather conditioners for baseball glove listed here have different performances covering the demands and yes, all of them have been marketed.

Believe it or not, these are the best baseball glove conditioner on the market that can help you out, and yes if you are looking for the best one that can set a little longer service life of your baseball glove then one of this product will be best for you.

However, there are a few certain factors that you must consider before buying a baseball glove conditioner if you don’t want to end up choosing the wrong glove conditioner for your glove.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Leather Conditioner For Baseball Mitts

Here are a few factors that you need to consider when choosing the best leather conditioner for your baseball glovex because this factor is going to play an important role in making sure that your purchase is the best one for your glove so that, you can certainly enjoy the prolong service of your glove.


Any kind of conditioner that you choose your purchase is not going to give a noticeable effect on the leather glove immediately. Yes, you should also avoid cheap ones because it often does that.

You may finds cheap oil or conditioner breaking in the new leather glove very fast but let me tell you it will eventually fail to keep up the regular conditioning of its leather.

That is why I would recommend you choose a leather conditioner that has been made from organic ingredients.

I am and I will continuously stress over the glove conditioner that has been made from the organic ingredients. In this case, I would say that the neatfoot oil is good in offering continuous good conditioning results in your baseball glove.

Apart from that, you can also go for the conditioner that has been made from the mink oil. It may cost you extra but believe me, you will get better results on this one.


Conditioners for leather made by the natural ingredients is always considered as a good condition for a baseball glove. Most of the conditioner manufactured by the natural ingredients is always considered as a good conditioner for a baseball glove.

Most of the common ingredients that have been noticed to be added to the conditioner for baseball glove are synthetic primary Petroleum distillates. This is the artificial ingredient and it always keeps the product cost at a minimum but you should never negotiate it with the effectiveness and the quality.

I would suggest you always read the label of whatever leather conditioner you are looking for because if it’s for your baseball glove then you need to make sure that it contains neatsfoot oil or mink oil or the wax or any combination of this natural conditioner.

Another organic ingredient that can make a leather conditioner for better is pine. These are all ingredients that you must or should look for in any best conditioner for baseball glove as it not only makes the conditional more effective but it also makes it free of cracks.

Making sure that these ingredients have been used in manufacturing the conditioners so that you will never have to worry about the heat energy and rashes while you be using them.


This is the most common factor and must follow factor. You should also take this one into consideration while choosing the best leather conditioner for your baseball glove because it will decide how easy it is to use on your glove.

You always need to make sure that you are purchasing a conditioner that is very easy to use and apply. The conditioner that comes with a bottle is usually the kind of conditioner that comes with applicator or with pain feel free edges.

This kind of conditioner would be the better option as it will give you extra comfort while using or applying the conditioner on the glove as you will never have to use a piece of cloth to work.

Water-Resistant quality

I hope that I don’t need to tell you that usually a good quality of leather conditioner also provides a good waterproof barrier on the glove.

This is another factor that you need to follow because if you look for this factor then it is not only going to help in keeping the glove leather condition good or fasten the break-in but will also add a good water-resistant layer on the le.

So whatever leather conditioner you are going to choose, you should always add a water-resistant layer as it will always prevent the cracks that your high-end glove may develop over time by the frequent use or exposure to wet and sun. The glove conditioner with mink oils is the best in giving a good waterproofing layer to a baseball glove.

7 Best Leather Conditioner For Baseball gloves – (Quick List)

  1. Leather Honey Leather Conditioner
  2. Wilson Pro Stock glove Conditioner
  3. Mizuno Strong Oil Glove Conditioner
  4. Pecard Baseball glove Conditioner
  5. Hot glove Cream Conditioner Treatment (Instant) glove Break-In
  6. Wilson Premium glove Oil Conditioner
  7. Griffin Mink Oil Leather Conditioner

7 Best Baseball glove Leather Conditioners (Detailed Review – A Buying Guide)

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

This is one of the best baseball glove conditions that you can find on the market. It is more like a classic product which has been invented somewhere around 1960 almost 50 years ago and managed to keep its reputation to this day.

Note to mention that this product is non-toxic, non-stick, odor-free, non-solvent, and also does not contain any kind of silicon. So, basically it clearly men’s that this leather conditioner is great and perfect for all kinds of leather items.

It will make your baseball glove resistant to rain, snow, and water. It will give your glove a good water-resistant layer. I would say that this honey leather conditioner is very special because it will penetrate deeply into the leather.

Unlike another leather conditioner available in the market which requires multiple applying, this will last almost six months or longer. It is convenient for you to use.

Apart from the good penetration, that it offers, another benefit is that it will also allow the conditioner to perform better on moisturizing and softening the glove.

Plus, compared with other competitive products, this one adds more water-resistant to the glove. And in conclusion, it goes without saying that this leather honey conditioner helps in keeping a beautiful look of your baseball glove.

So, no matter how frequently you use, even you use your glove every day this conditioner will always provide the best maintenance.

On the Bright Side, it has been noticed that this condition does not permanently change the color of your glove like other products to fulfill penetration in the baseball glove. So the color may change since the conditioner has been lubricated over the club but it will be temporary.

The color will come back to its original in a few days once it has been soaked properly by the leather. However, if you have a light color glove then it is obvious that the color may change a little as frequent use of any kind of the conditioner is going to do that.

If you face this kind of issue then I would suggest you use it several days in advance. Plus finally, the thing that I would mention about the manufacturer is that it provides an unlimited 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So you can always return the product for a full refund at any time if you don’t feel satisfied. So considering the quality of this leather, I personally think that the manufacturer is reasonable to be so confident.

  • easy to use.
  • One of the best baseball glove conditioners with a good reputation.
  • Suitable for all kinds of leather items including a base for the glove.
  • Perform better on socks name and moisturizing full stuff penetrate deeply into the leather.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Never darkens the color of the baseball glove.
  • Affordable.
  • Add extra layer making it resistant to water.
  • Nothing to mention

2. Wilson Pro Stock glove Conditioner

It is quite normal and reasonable if you don’t want to cost or spend much on maintaining your baseball glove. If this is the case or scenario then I would recommend this one as it is the one of the best and cheap baseball glove conditioner for you. Even, it is cheap, it has a good reputation and provides overall good performance.

So don’t worry about damaging your glove because it won’t damage your glove if you keep using it for the long term. It is very easy to use as the uses of this conditioner product is as easy as polishing your leather shoes.

You can always use this glove conditioner as often as you continually get the feeling of your glove right to you. One thing to mention about this glove conditioner is that every time you put it on your glove, it is going to perfectly enhance your glove color.

You can also use this glove conditioner for a fast break or easy break-in. It is very effective in softening the glove and making it more pliable.

You should never worry about the smell because it will just like the new leather. Always remember that this leather conditioner has not been designed to be suitable for all kinds of leather types but it would be perfect for your old baseball.

If you are looking to revive your old baseball glove then this is the one where you can look at.

If you are looking to restore your old baseball original color and effect then there is no need for you to buy any kind of expensive leather as it’s an old glove – this is the best option.

  • cheap.
  • Easy to use.
  • good overall performance.
  • Hence the color of the glove.
  • Effective in stopping the glove.
  • Smell like new leather which can be irritating to some.
  • Only has been designing for a baseball glove.
  • Not suitable for all other types.
  • Main dark in the light color nerve.

3. Mizuno Strong Oil Glove Conditioner

It brings the best moisture to leather and that is why I would say that this conditioner can be the best baseball glove conditioner. Plus, it will not only help your glove to be more reliable and soft but can also recover the original performance of old gloves. This one has been made from natural ingredients as well as material.

It is white and quick and always becomes clear when applied to the glove. Unlike other products available on the market, this leather conditioner is not going to darken the face for the glove.

So you are not going to find any kind of change in color after using this product or applying this one on your favorite high-end baseball glove.

It is also more suitable for making any kind of brand new or half new baseball glove softer and better. Anyway, it can also help you in restoring old glove and you can instantly feel the improvement after putting them on.

This one revives glove better than other products because it also contains the petroleum jelly which is mostly and widely used in the medical area.

If you want it to use long-term then you don’t have to worry about it because it is not only going to be effective but also going to give you a long-lasting effect.

Adding to that, the manufacture also added paraffin to turn it from semi-liquid to a bit waxy so that it can be very easy to use. This product is lubricant as well as a gift that leaves nothing to worry about.

  • Effective moisturizer.
  • Made from natural ingredients.
  • It becomes clear when applied to Club as its white.
  • It is very easy to use as it’s a bit bhakti.
  • It is safe and lubricant.
  • Due to petroleum jelly, it was Rises better than other products.
  • Affordable.
  • Perfect for maintaining a brand new for half new baseball glove.
  • Also effective in restoring old glove performance.
  • May take a while to notice any effect after applying it.

4. Pecard Baseball glove Conditioner

Frankly speaking, this one is ideal for use on all premium gloves. This glove conditioner help in keeping the leather soft and supple enhancing its life. Indirectly, this glove conditioner will extend your glove life.

The best thing about this conditioner is that if it never interferes with the quality of your glove leather or any kind of stitching on the product.

This leather conditioner also prevents the glove from hardening and cracks making it easy to use when you are in the field. So, when you are playing your favorite game of baseball in a field you won’t find your glove to be hard or any cracks.

I would say that this leather conditioner works really fast and well on leather products especially baseball gloves and gives the desired and effective results. so when you buy this leather conditioner, you will not need to worry about its effectiveness as its conditioning power.

If You need to revive an old glove then it can be extremely hard due to storage in poor condition or extensive use – you can always use this conditioner to restore some features and qualities.

The most important factor of this conditioner is that it helps in removing stubborn stains and dirt on the glove. So, when using, you not only restoring the leather but also enhance its appearance.

The organic ingredients and the quality of this oil is not only very convenient and easy to use but also enhances the durability and reliability of the leather baseball glove.

We all know that leather baseball glove is not only popular due to its unique appearance but also for the saint. In this scenario, this leather conditioner provides the ultimate protection against any kind of damage due to weather changes or effects like snow, water, and rain.

Adding to that it also keeps the leather flexible and soft to use. You can also use it in a new brand baseball glove for a quick and easy break-in.

If you want the best result then you can also consider using this one. Now let’s learn some advantages and disadvantages of this leather conditioner.

  • It is highly efficient and great quality.
  • Perfect and ideal for both new and old leather baseball glove.
  • Will not harm the sticking.
  • Will prevent any crack.
  • Effective in restoring the leather quality and stitching.
  • Restore leather send.
  • Enhances the old glove appearance.
  • Protects from extreme weather affects.
  • Effective in removing stubborn stains and dirt.
  • Convenient to use. Affordable.
  • Frequent use may lead to leather glove discoloration.

5. Hot glove Cream Conditioner Treatment (Instant) glove Break-In

After knowing 4 best leather conditioner for a baseball glove, it’s time to know about fifth one. Let me tell you, there is no other better glove conditioner that can work faster and can give you instant results.

  • Perfect leather conditioner for all leather products.
  • Effective in repelling moisture for sure easily soft n stiff leather.
  • Breaking the glove fast and quick.
  • Instantly noticeable effect.
  • Restore the scent of the product.
  • In hands the appearance.
  • Superior to other conditioners.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Made with natural ingredients.
  • Offer affordable.
  • Mein discolor the light color glove.
  • Excessive use may lead to degrading of leather.

6.Wilson Premium glove Oil Conditioner

With its name, you can easily understand that it’s a premium glove conditioner. You can notice that it is a spray on the applicator. So, it is easy to understand that this glove conditioner is very easy to use and effective enough to protect your glove from the outer elements as well as weather elements.

It is one of the best baseball glove conditioners that you can find online a fortunately it is available right now. It is definitely going to bring your old baseball glove Back To Life by restoring its saint, quality, and flexibility.

It is effective in Breaking in the new glove. It will also help in protecting your glove from any kind of cracks that may develop from extensive excessive use.

It is very easy to apply – you just need to spray the conditioner lightly over the glove directly and work in the glove with a cloth or fingers.

If you notice excess conditioner then you can wipe it away instantly as too much conditioner can be bad for the glove. I would recommend you to use the baseball conditioner special this one at least twice a year.

From my perspective, you find it better to use it at the end of the fall season and again in the spring.

  • Easy to use and apply.
  • Amazing research.
  • Effective enough to bring in old baseball glove Back To Life.
  • Works well ful stock does not at any weight in the glove.
  • Excessive use or overuse will damage the glove

7. Griffin Mink Oil Leather Conditioner

If you are using a higher-end baseball that maybe you are considering to invest a little more so that you can keep your premium glove at a premium condition.

Any kind of apparel or footwear especially baseball high-end product needs a special conditioner that has been made from a special oil and ingredients that can effectively condition, soften and, adds a waterproof layer on a leather baseball glove.

As you are using a higher-end Leather glove, mink oil is one of the top-quality conditioners for leather. This oil/conditioner is very effective in providing both the amazing result as well as in extending your glove life.

This brand offers the best result at a reasonable price. It is the perfect choice to break in a new leather baseball high-end glove. You just need to apply a thin layer of this conditioner at the needed point of the glove and leave it to dry for the night.

The very next day you will end up with a glove that is very soft and flexible in your had ready to use. The conditioning of this product is so perfect and good that you may not feel the need to condition your baseball glove for the rest of the season.

I personally like this baseball glove conditioner and I would rank it in the number one position of the best leather conditioner for baseball gloves.

The reason behind it being ranked on top is not because of just a quick break in a new leather product but it is also effective in restoring any old leather glove.

So if you have pure leather that has not been used for many years and has been buildup by dirt and stains then don’t worry you just need to treat it with this product.

The mink coil is only known alone naturally good conditioner with its water-resistance attributes. It will add a good water-resistant layer protecting your glove from the weather elements like snow, water, and rain.

Plus, it is not only effective in cleaning the stubborn stains and dirt but also protects it from any for the microorganism by adding a hydrophobic layer to the fiber of the leather glove.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Suitable for all kinds of leather products.
  • A premium leather conditioner.
  • Great conditioner for old baseball 9 Mr.
  • Perfect for the pure leather glove.
  • Effective in restoring the old leather products.
  • Superfast break in the new Great Value For The Money.
  • Ads hydrophobic layer and water-resistant layer to the law.
  • Is it use.
  • Main darken the light color glove with excessive use.

The Difference Between a Baseball Glove Conditioner and Oil

It is very important to know the actual difference between a baseball glove conditioner and a baseball glove oil. It is because of the different requirements and different products needed to fulfill that requirement.

It is very important to understand that both of the products do have some common Grounds but may give you different results. When working as both are effective enough in Breaking in in the new glove.

In this case, I would tell you that it is very important for you to understand when to use a baseball glove conditioner and when to use this glove oil

BaseBall glove Conditioners

Talking about the baseball glove conditioner it is mainly used for maintenance purposes. They may be effective enough to break in a baseball glove quick but not super fast as oils.

It is because of the fact that the conditioner contains petroleum jelly. The main advantage of using a baseball glove conditioner is that they are very easy to spread across the glove than the baseball glove oils.

So, it will result in preventing the glove from heavyweight in some parts and stained in other. In other way, we can say that if you want to restore any old glove then a baseball glove conditioner is a perfect choice for you.

BaseBall glove Oils

Baseball glove oil is mainly for breaking in a baseball glove purpose. You need to use baseball oil when you find a glove too stiff to use especially when they are new.

One thing about baseball glove oil is that they tend to stay in one spot whenever you apply it. So before you use it you do understand where you should put it.

Be sure to put it in the right spot. In one word if you are looking for a super-fast effective break in a new glove then definitely a baseball glove oil is what you need.

How To Break-In In A Baseball glove?

If you’re looking for super fast and quick in the new glove then I would recommend you look at the best baseball glove oils because they are more effective in an in breaking-in the new glove. You can also break in a baseball club with a baseball glove conditioner but I would recommend you use oil because it will give you proper and noticeable effect.

If you find your glove too stiff or hard to use special and then the oil is what you need. It is very important to understand that you always need to purchase the right baseball glove oil as a lot of available oil in the market that claims to be for a baseball glove, are actually not so, here are some of the best baseball gloves oil.

The first thing that you need to understand that applying a lot of conditioners is not in the right way of using it because it is not going to break in the glove superfast.

You must spray the conditioner a few drops or little in selected areas as it is enough to go a long way to start now,

Only spray on the parts that will be used for catching or throwing. Now you need to leave it to dry. Make sure that you made the pocket of the baseball or more visible by applying it with a conditioner after leaving it for the night. After 24 hours you will find your glove soft enough to use. Check the video for thorough detail

How To Revive Your Old Baseball Glove?

The main purpose of a baseball of conditioner is to revive the old baseball glove as well as to maintain the new glove condition. looking for the best performance and you want to keep the maintenance of the new glove then use a good quality leather conditioner that has been specially designed for baseball.

Moisturize the glove

Now allow it to dry off for a day or two. Now use a conditioner on it. Any kind of conditioner mentioned here will be the best one in reviving the old gloves but before you choose any one do learn about the pros and cons of using that one.

Final Conclusion

If you’re looking for a most known and established brand and in this case, I would recommend this “Griffin Mink Oil Leather Conditioner” because it will never let you down.

This company has been in the leather conditioner business since 1950 and continues to be one of the top 10 all over the world

If you are looking for something that comes from the well-known brank meaning that the product that has manufactured by the most known and established as well as the product is effective in given the proper and desired result then this is the one “Wilson Premium glove Oil Conditioner“.

It can effectively break in any new baseball glove as well as is perfect for maintenance purposes. It will also revive any kind of old leather products.

Overall you can’t go wrong with any of the baseball or conditioner on this list because all the conditioner that has been designed and made to keep the leather soft and supple to extend its life and keep your performance the best in the field.

I hope that you will find this post helpful and if you liked Our Post then do comment and share. If you have any questions regarding then comments are welcome. Comment and let me know how was your experience.

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