9 Best Baseball Gloves For Pitchers – Buyer’s Guide

I hope that you already know that there are mainly 5 types of different baseball gloves and each of them has been built by keeping in mind the special needs that different positions in baseball require.

You’ll never want to play as an outfielder and wear infielder glove in the field because both of these positions have distinct differences which will also require different glove. So, in this post, you will get to know 9 best baseball gloves for pitchers.

When I was back in High School, I was also a pitcher and my parents didn’t know what glove actually I need. After a couple of games, I realized that my glove wouldn’t perform well because it’s not right for pitchers.

I have shared many glove guide on this website but this is the guide that I am sharing based on my experience and knowledge. I have done all the research on your behalf to make it easier for you to find your desired pitchers glove within a few minutes.

This is a guide for the best baseball pitcher gloves. Don’t ever, misunderstand the pitcher glove infielder with other baseball gloves. You don’t Fool Yourself by thinking that the pitchers can also use infielder gloves because it totally depends.

Best Baseball Gloves For Pitchers

As you are positioned on the field as a pitcher, you will need a smaller glove than outfielder but bigger than infielder glove.

Here, I will tell you how you should choose the pitchers glove and what are the factors that you should look for before buying any pitchers glove.

Common Problems That You Will Likely Have If You Purchase The Wrong Glove


Look as I told you that if you’re in the Pitcher position and you are pitcher then you will need a glove bigger than infielder but smaller than an outfielder glove.

If you end up purchasing any infielder and outfielder glove then it is sure that one day you will find the size too daunting to use. Any extra large or extra small glove will ruin the game and will also create tons of difficulty is in the Play.

No doubt that choosing the wrong size will end you up in a massive issue, it can be disastrous. you must know what is the perfect size and what glove is perfect for the pitcher’s position.

For every different position, there are different sizes of gloves for baseball. If you are playing for an infield position then you will need an infielder glove and if you’re playing for an outfielder position then you will need outfielder glove.

What Glove Size For Pitchers?

The age and the position of a player plays a very important role in choosing the right glove for pitchers. Here is the chart that you can follow to know the ideal and the perfect size for you or for the player hands.

BaseBal lGloves Sizing Chart
BaseBall Glove Sizing Chart

If you are over 14-year old or adult and you are playing for a pitchers position then you need the glove of 11.5 inches to 12 inches long. This is the ideal size and the length for pitchers glove.


Always remember that every single glove that has been designed for different position uses the different quality of the leather on different points of the glove.

It doesn’t mean that all the gloves have different leather – it only means that the cowhide leather will be used around the pocket area in outfielder glove but when it comes to a pitcher’s glove you will notice that the cowhide leather has been used more extensively.

I hope that you are aware of what exactly happened in the market. Most of the gloves available in the market are made from plastic material not from pure leather.

So, it also means that you have a high chance or the probability of choosing the wrong glove. You should always invest in high quality or higher-end glove so that it can ensure a perfect closure when catching.

Another advantage will be that the glove with also long last and you will not need to invest over and over again after every couple of seasons.

I always choose a glove that has been manufactured from a well-known brand that has been in the market for decades and makes the glove from high-quality leather.

Always remember that your job is not only to find the right glove that has been made from leather but also need to maintain its quality.

If you buy a glove that has been made from real pure leather then you will need to condition it properly to maintain its leather quality and softness. That is why I would recommend you invest in the best leather conditioner for baseball gloves.


When you buy a new baseball glove you will find that glove too stiff or rigid to use. You should always choose a glove that is very easy to breaking.

However, you can easily break it by oiling it properly you just need to put some oil . if you don’t have oil then here is an article where I have shared 7 best oil for a baseball glove. It will help in Breaking in the glove more quickly and faster

How You Should Choose The Right And The Best Baseball Pitcher Glove?

To choose the best pitchers gloves, you will need to learn the basics of the baseball games and the gloves required for different positions. There are two things that you should always watch out for. One is webbing and the other one is pocket.

  1. Webbing – Talking about the webbing, you will find different types of webbing made in different gloves that have been designed for a different position. But remember that it all comes down to open and closed web.

    It doesn’t matter what kind of glove it is, every youth and adult gloves that have been designed for any position have webbing which mainly attaches the fingers and the thumb of the player with each other.

    Open web and closed web has been specially designed for different positions in the field. Now, let’s understand what kind of webbing you need for your field position

>>>Open Web – It is perfect for infielders and outfielders as they will need to pass the ball quicker. This kind of glove has been designed for fast and quickest transition for passing.

>>>Closed Web – It is perfect for catchers, infielders as well, and pitchers. This is the web that every glove should have if it is made for Pitchers. It offers additional support for long repetitive throws.

It almost hides the ball and his grip so that batter can’t see it, making it a perfect for pitchers. So, in this case, you have to look for a glove that has closed the web in it.

2. Pockets – The second point and the thing is pockets where the ball actually lands after it gets caught by the player.

You will find pockets in every glove but every glove has different depth given in according to the different kinds of position. So the obvious thing you should keep in mind and look for is the depth of its pockets.

Things You Should Consider When Selecting The Best Baseball Glove For Pitchers

It is very important to choose the right glove for your position because not getting the right glove for your position is going to ruin your play. It is also very certain to consider a few factors when selecting or buying any kind of glove in the market available.

Let’s face the truth, there are lots of brands available in the market that offer varieties of glove but not all brands want to make sure your best play in the field. They just want to make quick money by selling the glove to you.

So, there are a few factors that I would recommend you consider before you buy any kind of glove. Now, here I will talk about 3 factors that you should always look for:


Well, it is very obvious and certain to consider this factor because you should always consider the size. If you buy a glove that is the wrong size then your game is going to be completely ruined and you will not be able to set your foot in the field with the wrong size glove.

As I told you the size of the glove also depends upon the age and the position of the player. I have shared with you the chart of baseball glove sizing. I hope that you will learn what size you need.


As I told you, in the market, lots of gloves has been made from the plastic material, you should always look for a material that has good quality and reliability to offer.

Always look for a glove that has been made from pure leather possible and if not then you also need to look for a glove that has decent quality leather. Don’t ever go with the ones that have been made from plastic leather or bad quality leather.


Price may be the last factor but not the least because it is one of the most common factors that always comes in our mind whenever we go out for purchasing anything.

It is not true that the expensive ones are the best one in the market as it has been tested that not always expensive ones proved to be the best one.

You should always know the advantages and disadvantages of the glove before you buy anyone and yes, remember that no product can be 100% perfect.

So always read the cons and the pros of the glove before making any purchase as I have shared here. Now, let’s learn about 9 best baseball gloves for Pitchers.

Best Baseball Pitchers gloves – Quick List

Best Baseball gloves For Pitchers – Buyer’s Guide

Here I am going to give you 9 best baseball pitcher gloves review in detail as well as you will also get to learn about the pros and the cons of these gloves.

It is very important to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying or purchasing based on the reviews.

Remember that there is no hundred percent perfect product available in the market so, every single glove that you are going to find will have some pros and cons as well. Now, let’s go through the detailed review.

Rawlings Sandlot Series Baseball Pitcher Gloves: (Beginner – Budget-Friendly)

This glove comes in a very classy and vintage look that has been made from the old leather. It’s A full-grain glove that has been specially crafted for men as well as designed for the pitcher’s position.

It also has added a finger back lining that ensures and provides the topmost superior comfort to your hand. You will be able to give your best performance out in the field by using this glove.

Adding to that, it also has a zero shock arm pad that protects your hands from flyovers balls that is coming from an extra height. You won’t feel any kind of shock from the baseball while you will be catching it.

Adding to that the other advantage of taking a look at this one is that this glove comes in a wide range of sizes and offers different web styles. The Other advantage of this glove is that it’s the Amazon choice product that has been backed by more than 450 reviews.

It’s an affordable glove that will never break your bank. This glove may feel as safe as any other new glove but let me tell you you will not face much difficulty is in Breaking in the glove. It has the ideal design and the length of the pitcher’s position.

It is usable on arrival which means it is almost completely broken in as it has been advertised but if you want to make it softer than you can also apply oil. You will not feel any kind of discomfort when squeezing the glove for the closure.

In one word we can say that it’s an absolutely great baseball glove for your game and position. If you are looking for a glove that does not cost more than $100 then you can choose this one.

  • Affordable.
  • Offers extra comfort.
  • Ready to use almost 90 % broken in.
  • Perfect for pitchers.
  • Trustworthy and reliable brand.
  • Amazon choice product.
  • Offers superior comfort as it features that it finger back lining.
  • It protects your hand with its zero shock Palm pads.
  • You may not find it 100% broken in from the factory.
  • You may have to use saddle soap for more convenient use.
  • Decent leather quality.

Wilson A2000 Pitcher Model 11.75″ Baseball glove: (Intermediate – Premium High-End Glove)

we all know how good the company Wilson is. If you don’t know about the Wilson then let me tell you it is one of the most known brands in the baseball market.

If you are looking for a premium glove then maybe you want to take a look at this one because it is one of the most premium high-end baseball gloves that has been designed specially according to the pitcher’s position.

As it is a premium glove you will need to spend some extra but let me tell you it has been backed up by more than 250 ratings on Amazon and all the rating has been almost five stars. You must check it out because you will not be able to find less than five stars.

It’s not even 4.5 starts it’s almost full. So by its rating, you can easily judge the quality, and the comfort this glove offers to its players. I must say that it’s not only perfect for pitchers but for other positions as well.

It also has been made from the top quality pro stocks leather which makes the glove long-lasting. It also offers a great break-in, as you know most of the new gloves will be too stiff to use, you will not find difficulty in Breaking in this one as it can be easily break-in by using glove oil.

Apart from that it also offers a durable deep pocket as it features dual welting. Other than that on hot games, your hands will always be cool and dry due to the tri wrist lining. It’s a great and one of the most popular models of Wilson a2000 baseball glove series.

I would highly recommend you to invest in this one because it will always ensure your hundred percent catching of the balls and perfect release of the throws. It’s a long-lasting glove so you will never have to buy over and over again after a couple of seasons.

It is going to last for a year if possible for decades. You may find this glove super stiff but let me tell you this is what you need to look on when you are buying a good quality leather glove.

As it has been made from a good quality leather it is obvious that glove will be stiff to use. You must break in the glove by using oil to make it soft and supple. I would recommend you break it by using the best glove oil to make the leather more soft and supple.

Apart from that as it is a high-end premium that has been made from pure leather, you will need to condition it to maintain the quality and the texture of the leather.

If you also want to prevent it from the cracks that May develop over time or by overuse then I would recommend you condition it with the best leather conditioner for a baseball glove.

  • Great looking glove with a very nice looking color combination.
  • Perfect for pitchers.
  • Made with pure leather pro stock leather.
  • A perfect high-end premium baseball glove for the Pitchers.
  • Long-lasting.
  • A well-known brand glove.
  • Will give you extra comfort and confidence in the field.
  • Makes the catch and the throw super easier.
  • A bit expensive

Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball glove Series – Model, Pitcher: (Beginner & Intermediate – Affordable)

Here comes another glove from the well-known brand Mizuno. It is MVP Prime baseball glove series that has been specially designed for pitchers. Just like the first one, it is also one of the best gloves in a budget for pitchers.

If you’re looking for a baseball that has been designed for pitchers as well as affordable and won’t break or bent your bank then you can take a look at this one. It has been made from a Bio soft leather which is also known as a good professional style smooth leather.

This kind of leather has many pros to offer like it offers the perfect balance of the softness and the oil for Incredible feeling. This exceptional feeling and the firm control that you will get is going to be e worth it.

It will give you a great experience and will help you in delivering the best performance possible. It has also a professional level laces which is the same durable as the other laces that have been offered by other professional gloves.

The other thing which is quite noticing on this one is that it has an outlined embroidered logo which also gives this glove a premium look. I would say that you can always go with this one as you can never go wrong.

Just like Wilson glove, it has also full star rating which means a 5-star rating on Amazon and has been backed by hundreds of previews. According to some reviews from buyers, they say that it has been the best one they had been used in their High School compared to the other higher-end Wilson or Rawlings gloves.

At this rate, you will get a great quality glove as the leather quality as is great for the price and also feel like a more extensive.

  • Affordable.
  • Offers quick break-in.
  • Made with soft quality leather.
  • Will give you a feel of a high-end glove.
  • Professional level laces.
  • Have a good balance of oil and softness for firm control and exceptional feeling.
  • Ultra-comfortable padded thumb slot.
  • The gap in the webbing may be too large.
  • Won’t last forever.

Wilson A2K Baseball Pitcher glove (For Pro & Intermediate – Affordable High-End Glove)

Here comes another one from the Wilson and as you know Wilson is the most reliable, well-known, and prominent brand name in the field of sports equipment.

Let me tell you, just like all the Wilson gloves, it is also one of the most popular premium high-end glove that has been backed up by hundreds of preview on Amazon and thousands of the views on Wilson Store.

If you’re looking for a glove that comes from a well-known brand and offers what the player demands then this is one for you. It is one of the Wilson A2K baseball glove series that has been specially designed for pitcher’ positions.

Adding to that it also comes in a very attractive and appealing color scheme. It comes with a two-piece web and has a length of about 12 inches which is a perfect pitchers model.

As you know the color is copper you must know that just like other products of Wilson, it has also been made from pro stock leather which offers a great experience as well as makes the glove long-lasting.

It also has a rolled dual welting which will give the glove long-lasting safe as well as will offer Quick break-in. This is a perfect glove as it has been chosen by many players for its consistency and flawlessness. It also has a dual palm construction that provides maximum pocket stability as well as Ultra comfort.

You won’t find any difficulty in throwing or catching the ball. It’s a very high-quality glove and as expected you can expect this beautiful glove to get broken-in easily. Just looking at this glove you can say that it’s perfect high-quality workmanship done on this glove and the usability of this glove stands out.

  • Made with a Pro-stock leather that makes the glove long-lasting.
  • It is tight-grained and ultra-smooth.
  • Comes with a closed web which is great for pitcher position.
  • It has a partial super back lining which will reduce the weight making it a lightweight glove.
  • Comes in a very appealing color copper.
  • Comes from a well-known brand Wilson.
  • Backed by hundreds of five-star rating.
  • A bit expensive like others Wilson glove but worth it for the high-end premium gloves.

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Baseball Pitcher Glove Pro – High-End Premium Glove)

I hope that you don’t feel boring by hearing the Wilson name again and again because I can’t do anything much as Wilson does their job pretty well and in this particular baseball equipment, they are performing great and standing out from the competitor as well.

This is Wilson a2000 super skin baseball glove series that has been also designed for the pitcher’s position. Adding to that, just like other Wilson gloves, it has also been made from a pro stock leather for extra durability and unmatched feeling.

Apart from that, it also has a black super skin which is twice as strong as other regular leather. It also half the weight which makes with glove lightweight. Just like other Wilson gloves it also has a dual-rolled welting that makes the pocket more durable and offers long-lasting break-in.

The main reason behind the quicker break-in is its leather quality and its thin Hill pad which is also better for closure. it has a flat finger binding.

  • One of the hottest products on Amazon.
  • One of the best high-end pitchers glove.
  • Offers perfect closure when catching the ball.
  • You will never need to wear any other gloves again after Wilson a2000.
  • The color scheme looks cool.
  • Softer than other gloves.
  • Lightweight glove.
  • It will stay clean in the field due to its black super skin.
  • A bit expensive

Franklin Sports Baseball Pitcher glove: (Cheapest)

Here comes another great glove that is very affordable which means it’s very cheap. Looking for a glove that can give you a good and decent performance just for a couple of seasons then this one is for you.

This has been made from the franklin Sports which is perfect for baseball pitcher position. let me tell you, it is a very cheap and perfect glove for the pitcher position. It’s also an amazon choice product that has been backed up by thousands of ratings.

Check the price on the Amazon as you will be shocked by what it has to offer. It will be easy to break-in because it has been made from soft synthetic leather material. It’s not pure leather because pure leather cost more and may cross the budget.

However, it will be game ready in no time for baseball as a quick break-in. It also has an adjustable wrist strap which offers great design to fit all players comfortably.

Adding to that it has been crafted from a thick and a premium synthetic leather so that it can mimic the performance as well as durability of the true leather. It also offers maximum comfort as it has a hand-formed pocket.

It has deep pockets and will ensure your catches without drops. There is nothing to say more than this about this glove because if you are really looking for a baseball glove that has been specially designed for the pitcher’s position as well as is very cheap then go for this one.

If I were at your place and had a tight budget and won’t be ready to spend more than $30 then I would have gone with this one.

  • Affordable. Value for money.
  • Adjustable wrist strap for customizable Thumb and hand adjustment.
  • Hand formed pocket for maximum support and comfort.
  • Durable.
  • Gives the performance of true leather.
  • Offers easy break-in.
  • Made with a decent quality soft synthetic leather material.
  • Lightweight glove.
  • It will not last long.
  • Not made with pure leather.
  • The color will get darken by the use of glove oil.

Rawlings Renegade Baseball glove Series, model, Pitcher: (Beginner – Affordable)

Now, here comes another well-known brand Rawlings. I hope that you all have heard what kind of company the Rawlings are. There are also one of the most well-known brands in the baseball equipment manufacturing business.

This Rawlings renegade baseball glove series has been specially designed for the pitcher’s position. Adding to that it has also the impact of hundreds of reviews and also an Amazon choice product.

It has been designed somehow as a utility glove for any kind of position so you don’t have to worry about your pitcher position as it is really going to fit the need. Adding to that, it is also an ideal recreational based glove that is durable and lightweight.

I think, due to its lightweight back design you will be able to get extra quickness, shape retention, and the optimal balance in the field. You don’t need to worry about the comfort as well as protection as it has a high-density Palm and index finger pads in it.

It’s a decent product at an affordable rate and yes you can always go for this one. Don’t misunderstand the quality of the glove by just looking at the price as it is quite opposite.

It is a very nice synthetic leather glove. If you’re looking for a glove under $90 then you won’t find another perfect glove that has been well designed like this one.

Yes, you won’t get the quality like the other Wilson and Rawling premium gloves but yet as the price is so affordable you will not hesitate at this one. It also has a nice pocket and easy to break-in. You will be set in no time which means this glove is value.

  • Deep pocket.
  • Easy break-in.
  • Perfect glove under $100.
  • Made with good quality leather.
  • Offers great feeling.
  • It is durable and reliable and offers extra comfort and protection to your hand.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Perfect for any position as it has been designed as a utility glove.
  • Ideal for pitchers.
  • Great color combinations.
  • Well-known Rawling brand.
  • Amazon choice product.
  • Extra stiff and you may have to use oil to break-in fast.
  • Might have to lose all sort of ties to get the opening required.

Rawlings R9 Baseball pitcher glove: (Intermediate – Affordable)

Here comes the other one from the Rawling brand. It is one of the pitcher glove of the Rolling R9 baseball glove series. It is affordable and in stock. it has also been backed up by hundreds of reviews like the previous one and has been specially designed for pitchers.

Yes, it is not available for all kinds of position but yes it is perfectly designed for pitchers. This glove has the perfect size and length of 11.75 inches. It is an 80% factory break-in which will give you a game-ready feel. It also has a modified trap web for easy closure.

As you know, added Thumb pad, and finger back liners protect your hands but do you know that it also has a reinforced Palm pad which creates a soft and comfortable feel as well. It has an Ultrasoft durable pure leather shell making it more durable and game ready.

  • Affordable.
  • Reinforced thumb pad for comfortable feel.
  • Padded thumb loop that protects your hand.
  • Finger back liners also protect your hand.
  • Perfectly designed for pitchers.
  • 80% factory breaking.
  • A good intermediate glove for baseball pitchers.
  • Construction and the thickness of the material is awesome.
  • It took only 10% broken in from the factory than the claim of 80%.
  • May find issues closing the glove due to extra stiffness (use of oil is advised).
  • You will have to use glove oil for a great and quick break-in experience.

Mizuno Prime Elite Baseball glove Series, model, pitcher: (For Pro & Intermediate – Affordable)

Last but not the least, here comes Another glove from Mizuno. It’s a pitcher featured glove from the Mizuno Prime Elite baseballs glove series. It is also one of the most popular high-end premium glove for pitchers.

Let me tell you if you’re looking for a glove in a budget of between $150 to $200 then you may want to take a look at this one. Let me tell you, you will never be disappointed by looking at this wonderful glove, It is perfectly designed for pitcher position.

It also offers a great quality experience as well as long-lasting performance. You won’t have to find any extra glove for years if not decades. Adding to that, it has been made from high-quality leather and easy enough to break in if you spend time with proper oiling.

You will need to condition the leather to maintain its quality and the softness if you want to ensure the texture of the leather. The cracks may develop over time or by overuse and that is why I would recommend you apply a good quality baseball conditioner on it.

It is very important to take care of your leather glove. Condition it with the best leather conditioner for a baseball glove. Adding to that, I would definitely say that it is never going to disappoint you. It is also affordable if not expensive for some people.

I know to some people it may be a little bit expensive but believe me, it’s going to worth it because it has everything that a premium high-end glove should offer as well as is less expensive than other premium baseball gloves.

  • Ideally perfect for pitchers.
  • A great high-end premium glove for pitchers.
  • Made with great quality leather.
  • Attractive color.
  • Offer both hand orientation.
  • A bit expensive but not more than other premium gloves.

How To Break In The Pitcher’s Gloves Fast?

If you really want to superfast the break-in then I would recommend you use good quality oil. You will first need to buy your best baseball oil for the pitcher glove.

After buying the glove you will need to apply the oil on required points. Always remember that you only need to apply the oil in the points that is going to be used for catching and throwing the ball.

After applying it, leave it for at least 24 hours so that the oil gets dry off. after 24 hours if you find that the glove still stiff then apply more or if you find that the glove has extra oil then wipe it off with a cloth.

Now, after that, start playing catch. After a few hours of play, Your glove will be almost 90% broken in already.


I hope that you got to know the best pitchers baseball gloves in this article. I have shared 9 best baseball glove for pitchers and reviewed them in detail.

None of the gloves is perfect but yes, in this case, I would say that the Mizuno Prime Elite baseball glove, as well as Wilson glove, are few of them that don’t have many cons but can be quite expensive as they are high-end glove.

If you’re looking for a glove that is very cheap and affordable than you can go with this “Rawlings Renegade Baseball glove Series, model, Pitcher“. It is quite cheap and also has been backed up by thousands of reviews. It has not to be made from pure leather but synthetic leather is efficient enough to offer a great experience.

Apart from that if you’re looking for a glove in a mid-range then you can go for this one “Rawlings R9 Baseball pitcher glove“.

If you are looking for a glove with the most Bang then you can go with this Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Baseball Pitcher Glove Pro as it offers great features and will give you the best performance.

If you are also looking for a glove from a well-known brand then you can always go with the Wilson.

I hope that I managed to give you valuable information and a proper guide for the best pitcher gloves.

If you have any questions regarding glove or this article – you can comment below and let me know I will give your answer as soon as possible.

If you are looking for a glove that has been specially designed for the outfielder position then make sure you check out this article in which I have shared 9 best outfielder baseball glove.

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