9 Best Baseball Gloves For Outfielders – Buyer’s Guide 2020

You may find tons of varieties of the glove in the market but not all the glove has been designed for every player. Each type of glove has been manufactured by keeping the player positions. In one word, not always all glove are equally creative.

We can say that a middle infielder will need or require a different kind of glove then outfielder. Talking about the first baseman and The Catcher each will have each own glove.

The outfielder would find it difficult and will definitely struggle if they use the glove that has been made or manufactured or designed for a middle infielder.

So, finding the best baseball glove for your position is as important as practicing before play your game. You need to be ready with the best baseball gloves for outfielders before you step in the field.

It is something that all serious baseball players need to focus on and to do if they want to ensure that they are up for the best performance and success. When it comes to the game of baseball, there are different kind of baseball gloves that has been specialized for different kind of positions.

Baseball Gloves are designed according to the position as for example pitcher mitts, infielder gloves, first baseman mitts, and outfielder gloves as well.

Out of all the positions that I have shared in this article the outfielder glove is the third-largest in the size behind the first baseman mitt and the catcher’s mitt.

9 Best Baseball Gloves For Outfielders

Normally, you know that the outfielders are required to catch the fly balls or any kind of hard-hit shots on the run which is why you must ensure that you are finding and purchasing the best outfield baseball gloves to give your best performance out there.

It can be pretty much difficult to know or to choose the right glove according to your position and due to the large availability of different kinds of the glove from different brands, it can be pretty hard to choose a particular one best fit for your hand and position.

According to many experts at well as players – wearing a long glove is more convenient for the outfielder because they will have more surface area to work with and will make it easy for them to catch the ball.

In simple words, if you have a long a glove, you will be able to extend your which also increases the likelihood of catching the ball on the fly. You will also notice that the outfielder glove webbing also tends to be a lot bigger compared to the infielder or pitcher glove.

In a tough play, the best outfield gloves will make it the best experience and will ensure that you are putting your full effort and given the best performance possible.

If you choose a glove that has an extra webbing on it then it will give you more room to Grab whatever comes their way.

If you are really looking for a glove for your outfield position then you are in the right place because in this guide you will get to know 9 best baseball gloves for outfielders ready to play that will give the best performance and experience.

9 different outfield gloves from different brands that have been tested and designed for outfielders’ convenient use. So if you want to know more about this 9 best outfielder glove then stay with this article and read a detailed review from our buying guide.

But before I tell you what is the best gloves for outfield position it is very important to understand what are the factors that you must consider when choosing the best outfielder baseball glove.

3 Things To Look For When Choosing A Best Outfielder’s Baseball glove

It can be difficult to know what you should look for when you are choosing an outfielder glove.

If you’re looking for a baseball made specific to the position of outfielder then there are different types of features that you are going to consider and evaluate before making a purchase.

So, here are three things that you need to look for.

Pocket Depth

Every single outfielder glove should have a deep pocket to get a better grip and to be able to catch a baseball with ease. Choosing a baseball glove that has a deep pocket is going to help you to absorb the impact that comes with catching a ball from Heights.

As you know being a baseball player, pocket normally held together with leather laces that must be tight and able to provide the stability your gloves and you need for easy catching.

Added to that, it will also give you enough room to reach over your head and make the tough catches easier.

Easy To Open And Close

Generally, a new baseball glove will be too stiff to use and that is why it is always recommended to break in the glove. However, it doesn’t mean that you should not look for the stiffness as stiff gloves are proved to be made from good quality leather.

By choosing a glove that is soft and is made up of quality leather, you will be able to break in the glove very easily, and quickly – the quality of the leather is a luxury that you must not take for granted.

Purchasing a soft outfielder baseball glove will not only make the break-in easy but will also save you the time that a glove will take to be penetrated completely by the oil.

To make it both quicker, you must invest in a good quality baseball glove oil as it will make the break-in faster and easier. I have also shared 7 best baseball glove oils that you can purchase to break-in the glove faster.

After breaking in your glove, you should never face any kind of resistance when opening and closing it. That is why, when there will be a demand for a quick reaction, you will definitely need a glove that will keep up-to-that demand.

It is very important to have a soft and lightweight outfield glove that is also easy to open because it is going to ensure that you are always prepared on the baseball field for the best possible performance and quicker reaction


Glove Length

As I told you previously, the outfielder glove will be substantially longer than the infielder glove. This is because it will give the player a better chance of getting those difficult flying balls or other hits that is coming from heights.

The perfect and ideal outfielder glove is anywhere from 12 inches to 13 inches. It is your part of the play to reach the ball as an outfielder As Quick As Possible.

You will not have enough time to think when you will be running a lot of time to go for the catch. So, keeping in mind that you will be playing in a position that expects quick thinking, you need to be wearing a glove that will help you at your absolute best.

Problems You Will Have If You Buy The Wrong gloves

Now let’s discuss what will happen if you end up purchasing a wrong glove. There are some problems that you are likely to face if you buy the wrongs glove.

There is nothing left to be told as you do understand that if you are applying for an outfield position you are definitely going to nee a glove that has been especially for that position.

If you end up choosing the wrong one then you are definitely going struggle when catching the ball.

It can definitely ruin your play. Due to not getting the perfect glove for that particular position, you might feel discouraged and ultimately you will lose your momentum which can also make you quit the game.

Here are some common problems that you are likely to face if you choose the wrong gloves or uses the wrong glove.


There is nothing to hide that you definitely need a glove that is long enough. Glove length is very important and will play an important role in catching the ball while you will be playing for outfield positions in the baseball game.

So, if you choose your glove that is not the right size then surely, you are going to ruin your baseball game. So, make sure you choose the right size.

What is the ideal glove size or length for an outfielder?

The ideal baseball glove size or length for the outfielder is around 12 inches to 13 inches approx. Any glove below or above-recommended size can affect your play and you will find difficulty in catching the ball.


More than 75% of the gloves that are available in the market – that claims to be the perfect fit for the baseball has been made from plastic rather than a pure leather which makes the high probability of choosing the wrong one.

So, you need to check the material before you buy any kind of gloves. If you are an intermediate player or advanced level player then it is very important to check the material and buy the high-end glove to put the best performance.

Any low-quality glove is not going to be reliable. Plus it is also going to affect your play. Double-check the quality of your glove and make sure you are choosing the right product that has been made from the topmost quality material.

I would recommend you go with the glove that has been made with pure leather. Adding to that you must understand that after buying a glove that has been made from pure leather, you need to maintain its leather quality & softness.

The maintenance should be a priority. To maintain the quality and softness of glove leather, you will need a good quality leather conditioner.

There are lots of other conditioners available in the market but not all that the conditioners are specialized for a baseball glove. So, here are 7 best leather conditioners for baseball to check it out.


If you are choosing a glove that is too stiff to use then it is possible that even after breaking in the glove it will be too stiff to use. Stiffness can make catching harder.

If you choose a glove that is very hard to bend then you won’t be able to catch the ball conveniently. Now after understanding what are the things that can really go wrong if you purchase the glove for your outfield position, let’s know what are the best baseball gloves for outfielders.

9 Best Baseball gloves For Outfielders – (Quick List)

  1. Wilson A1K Outfielder glove
  2. Rawlings Gold glove Outfielder glove
  3. Louisville Slugger Dynasty Outfielder glove
  4. All-Star System Seven Outfielder glove
  5. Mizuno MVP Outfielder glove
  6. Wilson A2000 Outfielder glove
  7. Barnett Outfielder glove
  8. Easton Mako Outfielder’s glove
  9. Marucci Founders Series Fielding glove

9 Best Outfielder Baseball gloves (Detailed Review)

After knowing the name and the brand of the 9 best outfielder gloves, let’s know about them more in detail.

Here I am going to give you a detailed review and tell you what will be the pros and cons of using the glove. You must know that there is no 100% perfect product. Each product has its own qualities.

So, let’s dive deep enough & know in detail about this 9 best outfielder glove

Wilson A1K Outfielder glove

This glove comes from a very well-known brand Wilson. The feature of this glove is that it’s totally different from any Handley glove. The WEBBING inside the pocket is quite different as it is usually enforced with the high-end leather for a reliable and durable experience.

You will never find any difficulty in breaking in this glove as this glove is found to be broken in quicker than most glove available in the market. Because of its special rolled dual welding, it makes the break-in quicker.

It has been made from pro stock leather that ensures that you are getting the best possible material at an affordable rate. I would say that this kind of leather is more durable compared to the other glove material as it could increase the value of this glove.

I hope that you do knowPro player Dustin Pedroia, this Wilson glove is specially altered to his likeness. Dustin himself upfronted faith and long laces in particular which also improves the stability of the glove and provides ultimately a lot of comfort.

If you choose a glove that is too big or loose then you will either find yourself adjusting your glove or unable to catch the basics fly balls as you will never be able to have proper control of your baseball glove.

But, fortunately, having longer laces and length encourages you for better reach in the outfield when trying to Grab those difficult catches. Since you know former Wilson brand doesn’t apply any kind of padding on the basis of their pocket, you will find this glove easy to open and close which means it will offer you quicker reaction Time.

There are other options from Wilson that you can choose from but it is definitely something that has been tied for the outfielder.

  • Long laces give you a better rich.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • No padding which makes it easy to open and close.
  • Offer a quicker reaction time.
  • Quicker break-in.
  • Made from pro stock leather.
  • A little bit expensive.
  • May be too tight or small for some particular people.

Rawlings Gold glove Outfielder glove

Before I tell you what are the advantages and what are the qualities of this glove, let me tell you, for me one of the most notable parts of this Rawlings Gold glove Outfielder glove is the sticker.

At around 500 bucks this is one heck of a quality glove that you can find. This is one of the most favorite gloves of my life. The leather that has been used in manufacturing is super durable as well as ultralight.

A great combo at this rate making it a perfect high-end glove. It also comes with the durable Tennessee tanning laces. The soft leather that has been used in making this glove is super durable and easier to control.

Since you know the leather is softer than the normal, it will be very easy to break in compared to other and you will not need any kind of oil to break it. There is another thing to point out and that is its finger lining.

Its lining has been made with a full-grain material which also increases comfort and helps them last as long as possible. So, there is one check for sure – that this glove is long-lasting.

This Rawlings Gold glove Outfielder glove also offers an adjustable wrist strap for a custom fit but yes it’s not well and it won’t be as easy as they claim to adjust each lining.

It’s a 12.75 inches outfielder glove which is one of the most ideal glove compared to most outfielder glove due to its soft leather, full-grain finger lining, and deep pocket.

  • Pro-level features.
  • Ultra-soft leather, strong and reliable leather has been used in manufacturing this glove.
  • A perfect high-end glove for an outfielder.
  • Easy to break in.
  • It comes with an adjustable wrist strap for a custom fit.
  • Sticker shock.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Laces at the top of the finger may be lose for some peoples.
  • Hard to adjust Palm strap.

Louisville Slugger Dynasty Outfielder glove

The cowhide that has been used in this glove is as much as a study as possible. One of the most comfortable outfielder glove that comes with an extra soft Palm lining.

In the past, you may have to find Louisville Slugger glove too uncomfortable but it is a thing of the past because right now Obnoxious feeling of being uncomfortable while you are in the field is not the case with this one.

Another plus of this one is that it comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that comes with its full purchase. So basically they are guarantee you that their glove will be durable for at least a year if not more.

If you find your glove defective or damaged then there is a high probability that the Lewisville sluggers will compensate you with either a full refund or with new outfield glove.

Another thing about this glove is that its size as it comes with a 12.7 inches size, it will definitely help you catch the fly balls and even some ground balls in the outfield. As I told you glove length is very crucial to the position, this glove size is recommended.

The only thing that summarises the other glove from Louisville Slugger Dynasty is the higher-end material. All the Louisville Slugger Dynasty glove has been made from a higher-end material.

In one word for you will find the web and the palm of this glove made from the mix of full-grain leather and cowhide. So, the leather from this glove will be definitely able to embrace the impact of the fly balls from a height as well as is not going to break down easily.

  • Made with cow height and full-grain leather material.
  • Offer extra comfort and durability.
  • Comes with a manufacturer warranty for a great play experience.
  • One of the most comfortable in the market because of its soft arm lining.
  • Affordable.
  • Quick and easy break-in.
  • The leather is too light according to some reviews.
  • 1 buyer found their laces broken but the manufacturer compensated it

All-Star System Seven Outfielder glove

Generally, all-star system 7 outfielder glove is just like another typical outfielder glove. It’s 12.5 inches that offer a conventional open back for convenient airflow and a deep pocket for better catching. In the outfield, you will find the deep pocket very helpful and useful. We all know how necessary pocket plays a role for all outfielder gloves.

If you are buying a glove that has a pocket like this one then surely, you will get the best catching experience possible.

This is one of the most standard outfielder gloves so, check it out this one for sure. In the back of this glove, you will find hard Japanese leather stitched on the top of the fingers that protect your hand just in case the fly ball hits them.

The opening of the pocket and the hand also give you an extra advantage in the field. It increases the airflow that keeps your hand stays dry and cool. Unlike other outfielder gloves, this glove is more comfortable as it has a thin layer of padding on the palm area so that you won’t experience any kind of sting feeling when you catch a baseball.

  • Perfect deep pocket.
  • Conventional open back for constant airflow.
  • extra thin bad layer gives extra comfort and keeps protect it.
  • Expensive

Mizuno MVP Outfielder glove

If you are looking for a glove that comes with a soft Palm liner soft leather and has durable laces then this is what you need to get. At this rate, you will get great quality. The glove comes in a size of 12.75 inches and has enough room to provide you so that you can get the best possible experience in the outfield.

Its soft Palm liner always protects the player’s hand from hurting due to the sudden shock that people tend to get after catching a high-velocity fly ball. Just like Easton gloves, the pocket of this glove is also the same as has two sides of durable leather lacing which holds it together.

You will see the logo embroidered on the rest of the gloves and also printed on the fingers. So, your opponent’s, as well as teammates, will always know, what brand you are using and rocking with over in the outfield.

Plus, this glove Is affordable. So purchasing this one wouldn’t put any kind of dent in your bank account and will give you a fair Chance At playing the outfield.

  • Long enough for an outfield position.
  • Made with Ultra-soft leather material for easy break-in and use.
  • The soft liner prevents any shock that you may get catching a high-velocity baseball.
  • The pocket has two sides of leather lacing that hold the glove together making it more durable.
  • Reviewers and buyers claim that the glove doesn’t fit as it should.

Wilson A2000 Outfielder glove

Here comes another Wilson product. It’s a Wilson A2000 Outfielder glove which will give you the feel of an extra lightweight glove made from the highest quality leather possible. This glove comes in a size of 12.75 inches which is the perfect size for an outfielder and is made from best quality Pro stock leather which makes it very light.

So you don’t need to worry about it too long last because this will long last. It has been made from the top quality material. Compared to most of the baseball gloves available out there this glove is more durable and reliable. It has a wrist lining which has been made with special materials to keep your hand dry and cool.

So, instead of overheating during hot games, your hand will stay cool. This glove also comes in the most attractive color combination. It is also the most appealing reason for players and outfielders to considered this glove for their field in need. It also has a dual post web within the pocket of this glove to help the catching.

So, this glove is efficient enough to catch anything that comes it’s way. I am 100% sure that this glove will put you in the best position to win. So if you’re looking for a glove that will last long term and give you the tools that you need to succeed in the outfield then I would highly recommend you purchase this one.

  • Perfect high-end Leather gloves for outfielders.
  • Made with pro stock leather making it ultra-lightweight.
  • Made with relaxing material that avoids your hand from overheating.
  • Dual post web has been made with strong leather for the system will long last.
  • Expensive but worth it

Barnett Outfielder glove

If you are looking for something that is in your budget and is a cheap alternative then you need to look at this one. Barnett Outfielder glove comes in a very healthy & light budget. You can just tell by its length that this glove is made for an outfield position.

It comes with the size of 12.5 inches which will give you enough room and will help you in reaching out to some of the hardest flying birds possible. It comes with a closed deep pocket which is deep enough to absorb the impact of the ball.

If I speak very frankly, this material also looks very inexpensive and thin but if you are looking for a short term glove for someone who doesn’t play Baseball infrequently then maybe this is what you require.

Always remember that when it comes to investing in most things you get what you put in. So, if you don’t feed the need to pay much then this glove is low priced and gives you the features that is necessary for outfielders.

  • Inexpensive.
  • Deep pocket increases the chance of catching elevated fly balls.
  • Starter Glove
  • “Short term” glove may not last long
  • Material doesn’t look high quality.
  • Not durable.

Easton Mako Outfielder’s glove

This glove stands apart from the crowd due to its unique look. You will notice that the pocket of this glove is Ultra-thin which held together on two sides by cowhide leather. It is a hundred percent sure that this feature will definitely give the player mode flexibility once he is done catching the ball.

You will also notice that the palm lining is made from Hog hide which also helps with the extra durability of the glove. yes, it is tested for the outfield position as it is long enough. This glove is also very shocked which will offer you an easy break-in special thanks to the cowhide material it is made with.

So, fortunately, for you, it will not take a long time to have an efficient glove. This lightweight glove is also very comfortable as the finger lining is made from a soft sponge tricot. Feeling extra comfort is also very important because it will determine whether or not you will be able to catch the ball that fasts or not.

  • Cowhide material offers an easy fast-breaking.
  • Hog hide material makes this glove durable and will help it last longer. Soft sponge tricot fingers lining ensure an extra comfortable fit.
  • Affordable.
  • Offers extra flexibility and durability once the ball is caught.
  • Unique look.
  • Maybe small for some outfielder.
  • Break-in is not as easy as described in the descriptions according to the buyers

Marucci Founders Series Fielding glove

here comes the ninth glove, last but not the least. It’s a great all-around glove that has been made from premium Japanese kip leather and lace. So you can understand by the word premium right. It will give the extra durability to the glove. So, this glove will also long last no matter how extensive the use is or how many baseballs you have encountered.

It also features a single lining. Plus it is 100% crafted individually so, no robots or machine used here. It also comes with a thin heel padding that offers a better break-in and feels. The double lace reinforcement on the web adds extra durability.

It is especially recommended for middle infielders so it also makes this glove and an excellent choice for infielders. Another advantage of this glove is that it isn’t going to make any dent in your bank account as the price won’t break the bank. It will give the fair features at the fair price.

However, for some people, the price may also feel too much but you know you have got one heck of a quality glove that will last for years. This is a glove that I would recommend you use if you are looking for a great glove in a budget that also comes with great features. The brand has also been in the market for decades so, it’s a trustworthy brand.

  • Made with premium Japanese kip leather.
  • Affordable.
  • Sturdy webbing.
  • Gorgeous-looking material.
  • Excellent brand name.
  • Excellent gloves for the outfielders.
  • The quick release wrist strap is not quickly adjustable though.

How To Break In A New Outfielder’s Baseball glove?

After buying or purchasing the best outfield glove you will need to break in the glove for the game. Here, I will tell you how you can break your new baseball outfielder glove.

If you don’t break your glove then the glove will be very stiff or rigid to use and in any game condition. It can be a daunting task.

So here I will talk about what you should do and what you shouldn’t if you want your glove to be soft enough for you and make sure it doesn’t fall apart. Let’s start with what you should not do.

What Not To Do:

  • Never ever think that you should drive your car over it for fast-break-in as it will ruin the quality of the leather glove.

  • Don’t ever stick your new baseball glove in a microwave or in the oven as you may find the lease dry out and shutter. Don’t bake it.

  • Don’t use any oil because any oil can soften in the leather but can make it more pliable. If you are not using a good oil then it may make the glove a bit more severe.

    It will make your glove fall apart. It is recommended to use only the oil that has been manufactured and designed for a baseball glove.

What To Do:

  • The first thing is to look for the best oil for baseball and I have shared a great article on this in which I have discussed 7 best oil.

  • After buying it, apply the oil in the needed point because not all the points of the glove will be used for catching the ball. After applying it live it to dry off for at least 24 hours.

  • After 24 hours, start playing catch with it as it is the best possible way to break in a glove.

  • Always remember that the oil should penetrate throughout the glove at the needed point if you find an extra oil then remove it by the cloth


Final Conclusion

As I told you, the outfielder glove should be unique compared to the infielder, first basement, and pitcher gloves. Outfielder gloves should be long enough and should have a deep pocket made from the best quality material.

Now, if you are looking for a glove that comes in a budget then maybe you want to take a look at this “Marucci Founders Series Fielding glove“.

If I had to choose a low budget glove then I would like to choose this “Louisville Slugger Dynasty Outfielder glove” as it offers good quality and performance at an affordable rate.

Now, if you’re looking for a branded glove then I would recommend you look for this “Wilson A2000 Outfielder glove” as the brand has been in the market from the decades and it offers all the features that an outfielder needs in the field. Throughout the list, this glove comes with the most reliable brand.

Apart from that if you are looking for a glove with the most bang then “Easton Mako Outfielder’s glove” is for you because it offers the most features at a great price.

It has a lot of features that will make your play more convenient and will make you more comfortable while you will be playing in the field. It will also keep your hand cool and dry during hot games.

If you are really looking for a premium high-end glove that not only lasts long but will give you extra comfort and comes with extra life then I would recommend you to invest in “Rawlings Gold glove Outfielder

This is a glove set I would have invested if I had a budget. I’m in love with Rawlings Gold glove Outfielder. If I was looking at the glove that is going to long last as well as that is very easy to use then this is the one.

This is a premium glove that will also offer you an extra advantage in the field when catching the fly balls. This glove is never going to fall apart and is never going to let you down in any case while you will be playing in the field.

I hope that I managed to give you valuable information and guidance on how you should choose your glove and what would be the best one for you.

If you have any questions regarding any glove then comment below I will give your answer as soon as possible.

If you are looking for a glove that has been designed for pitchers then this is the article where you should find your desired glove. In this article, I have shared 9 best baseball gloves for pitchers.

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