9 Best Little League Baseball Gloves – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best little league baseball gloves can be a little bit tricky and tough as well. As you are a responsible parent and want your kid to perform and gives his best in the field, you will need to avail him of the best baseball gloves.

A Best Youth Baseball Gloves for the little league would ensure the best play & performance. I hope I don’t need to tell you that being a responsible parent, you’ll need to choose the right glove, making any mistake will end you up with a wrong purchase. It can ruin your kid’s play way before he steps in the field.

There are lots of things that you need to consider before you go or make any purchase. There are a few things that you have to keep in mind when buying the best little league baseball gloves in 2020.

9 Best Little League Baseball Gloves - 2020 Buyer's Guide

But before that let’s learn what will happen if you mistakenly buy the wrong glove and after that, I will tell you 9 best youth little league baseball gloves.

3 Common Problems Your Kids Will Have In His Little League If You Buy The Wrong Gloves

1. Size

Let’s face the real truth, your kid has more room for growth, so it clearly means that he will outgrow any youth glove very soon. No doubt that if you chose the wrong size, you’ll end up in a massive issue.

Any large or small glove will ruin his play and will make it difficult for your kid to catch the ball in his first little league.

You must know a perfect size that you need and understand what kind of position he is playing for. For different positions, there are different sizes for different ages.

If your kid is 8 years old then he will need a different size of glove but if he is 10 years old then the size will vary as he will outgrow the size of the glove quickly.

Choosing The Right Gloves Size

The position and age play an important role in choosing the right little league glove for your kid. Here is the chart you can follow to know the perfect size for your kid’s hand.

BaseBal lGloves Sizing Chart
BaseBall Glove Sizing Chart

2. Material

I know that you are aware of the market stats and you do know that most of the gloves available in the market have been by plastic material not pure or high-quality leather.

So, it clearly means that you have a high probability of choosing the wrong gloves. High quality will ensure a perfect closure when catching and the glove will also long last. You must choose a glove that has been manufacture by a well-known brand and only high-quality leather has been used.

Your job is not only to find a right glove that has been made with pure or genuine leather but also needs to ensure that its softness and quality over last. You will need to maintain its leather quality and softness by applying it with the best leather conditioner for baseball gloves.

3. Rigid

It is very important to choose a baseball glove that breaks-in easily. A rigid glove will only make all the things in the play worse. You can easily solve it by oiling it. You can put some oil and leave it. It will help in breaking-in the glove faster.

Now let’s take a look at “9 Best Little League Baseball Gloves“.

9 Best Little League Baseball Gloves – (Quick List)

  1. Franklin Sports Baseball Glove – Field Master Mitt
  2. Wilson A360 31.5″ Youth Baseball Catcher’s Mitt
  3. Akadema Rookie Series AJT99 Youth Baseball Glove
  4. Louisville Slugger 11-Inch FG Genesis Baseball Infielders Gloves
  5. Nokona Alpha Select Youth Glove
  6. Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove
  7. Rawlings Playmaker Series Glove, Black
  8. Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Baseball Glove
  9. Rawlings Players Series Youth Tball/Baseball Gloves

Choosing The Best Little League Baseball Gloves From 2020 Detailed Buying Guide

Franklin Sports Baseball Glove – Field Master Mitt

In one word, I would say this glove will deliver amazing value for money. Just give this a shot as this is one of the best little league baseball gloves. Size is perfect, wrist and thumbs are adjustable, nothing can be great than this, right? So, many pros and advantages make it worth your money.

Its pocket may feel stiff by touch but don’t you think it’s okay since no product is 100% perfect. It has been made with synthetic leather but it’s okay because it’s the best at this price.

A perfect budget-friendly little league glove. These gloves is comfortable from the get-go. This youth glove is inexpensive and believes me at this price, you’ll find yourself giving it 5 stars.

  • Easy to break-in
  • lightweight
  • Game-ready baseball Glove
  • Comes with an adjustable wrist strap
  • Customizable thumb adjustment
  • Durable
  • Made with premium synthetic leather
  • Guarantee Durability of a true leather
  • Hand formed pocket
  • Responsive feel for catches without drops
  • Affordable
  • May take a while to break-in
  • Pocket May feel stiff

Wilson A360 31.5″ Youth Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

This glove is lightweight and made with flexible construction. As it comes in sizes, any young players or catchers are allowed for quicker hand motions. Don’t need to tell you that its loop and hook strap has been made to make the glove feel more secured around the player’s hands through the game. It also features a 1/2 moon web for easy and secure closing.

It will be very easy to break-in and definitely will give you better performance during play. This glove fits really well. Great Price, Great Glove for little league. However, I would suggest you look at more different options because even this glove has good ratings, I would’ve looked for a better option.

  • Easy to break-in
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Has 1/2 Moon Web
  • Comes with pigskin web and palm
  • Durable and Positioned For Youth
  • Affordable
  • No Padding
  • Decent Quality (Neither too good, nor too bad, worth the price)

Akadema Rookie Series AJT99 Youth Baseball Glove

The very first thing to notice is its ultra-soft material that ensue easy break-in. It comes with an adjustable wrist for small hands. You may not need to adjust that as it will fit him perfectly but in case, you know its there. Its a great glove all around and will be held up long nicely.

This baseball glove is a perfect transition for the harder hit balls in the little league. For any serious young player, this glove will be a great choice and will always ensure the best performance.

Let me tell you, for a birthday surprise or any events, these gloves also do well. In any little league, these gloves will do the perfect job and will ensure that your kid feels secure and comfortable with full confidence throughout the game.

  • H web and Easy to break-in
  • Made with ultra-soft leather
  • Open Back Makes it look more attractive
  • Comes with adjustable wrist
  • Held up very nice
  • Medium Pocket With Perfect Depth
  • Affordable and Worth the cost
  • May get untied automatically

Louisville Slugger 11-Inch FG Genesis Baseball Infielders Gloves

The most important thing you need to know about this glove is that it has not been made with 100% leather but the glove is durable. Even it is not 100% leather, I would highly recommend you to anyone with a little leaguer. Let me remind you one thing, a decent quality glove can also do the job or even better than the most expensive ones. This glove is very easy to break-in and definitely, you will be pleased with it.

The material may feel thin but no worry because it comes with a 1-year warranty. As per my viewpoint, this one might the one or one of the best little league baseball gloves in 2020. Why don’t you give it a close look at Amazon? having a look won’t cost you anything.

  • Comes with 11-inch size, perfect for little league
  • Has Shell Back and Buffalo palm
  • 1-year Warranty by manufacturers
  • Affordable
  • Offers game-ready feel right off the shelf
  • Material quality is ok
  • Extremely Durable
  • Thin material

Nokona Alpha Select Youth Glove

Okay, if you are looking for any premium high-end glve then don’t go anywhere as this s the best and only one that I would definitely go for it and recommend you. The first thing to notice is that it has been made with 100% pure genuine leather.

The 2nd most important fact about this glove is that it has been made in the USA, so why a second though? Go for it and check what the USA can do when they manufacture gloves. Let me tell you, this USA made Nokona leaves it in shame. You will need the patience to break in but it is worth it as the leather is soo much better.

You may need to condition it and oil it even to break it completely but there is really no comparison for this glove.

  • Made in the USA 🙂
  • Youth sizing makes it perfect for little league
  • Ultra Premium High-End Glove
  • Comes with an open back to ensure the cool feel
  • Have Trap web for better grip on balls when catching
  • Made with High-quality leather
  • Lack of padding in the palm
  • It May take some time to break-in but it is easy.
  • Need good conditioning and oil for complete Break-in (But it’s worth it as it is premium leather and high-end glove)
  • Expensive but worth the cost

Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

It has Heel Flex Technology which not only increases flexibility but also makes catching easier. If you might have noticed, it comes with V-Flex Notch, you can understand it will Help to initiate easy closure for more catches and fewer drops.

The feature to look on this glove is power locks. Its PowerLock Provides the quickest and most secure fit available. If you are looking for the best little league baseball gloves that come with lots of features, then this is the one for you. It is totally worth the cost.

If I had to rank it on the top 10, I would’ve given it the 2nd position. It also has better material compared to a few other gloves. According to Matt (recent customer) Its a perfect little league glove. According to him, it breaks-in super fast.

I would highly suggest you check his review on amazon as if I fail to convince you then maybe matt will make you choose this. This is the glove I would choose for my kid little league.

  • It has patented power close which makes catching easier
  • Comes with power lock closure that offers maximum performance and fit.
  • Its design helps youth players to catch the ball right way.
  • Durable
  • Made with Full Grain Pigskin leather
  • Affordable
  • V-Flex Notch
  • Nothing To Mention

Rawlings Playmaker Series Glove

Well, this is one is good for beginners and also the little league. Size is customizable due to velcro straps and the material quality is also good. Its leather may feel a little stiff at first but after breaking-in, it won’t be a problem. Breakin-in will take some time, you have to be patient with this one.

To make the break-in, apply some oil that has been made for baseball gloves. It is also great casual baseball gloves. Perfect for catching and the pocket is not only strong but also very flexible which makes the catching control more easily. It is affordable, and what can be better than getting Cushioned palm and Index finger pads that add Protection in impact areas.

  • Comes with full leather palm making it long-lasting
  • Has in-built strong and flexible pocket that makes catch control easy
  • Velcro straps have been provided for a custom fit
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Cushioned palm for extra protection in impact areas
  • Index finger pads also add extra protection
  • Nice feel and High-quality design
  • Durable Material
  • Stiff may take a while to break-in

Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Baseball Glove

Well, as it says, it comes 90% broken-in already from the factory, so its a plus factor to those who need a glove urgently for the little league. Plus, you don’t even have to spend too much time breaking-it. You just need to oil it and you are done.

Well, it is nice sized glove but I would say that up to around11 yr old child would fit it well. This one is also a great value and offers nice quality for the price. With minimal break-in needed, your kid is going to love it.

If you compare with other budget-friendly- decent gloves, it held up nice. However, compared to premium high-end glove-like A800 Youth glove, it is nothing. If you have a tight budget then you can always go for this one.

  • 3-time Rawlings Gold Glove Award winner
  • Has Youth Pro Taper Fit pattern which offers a smaller hand opening for greater control
  • It’s Modified Trap-Eze web make the glove ideal for 2nd and 3rd basemen, shortstops, and pitchers
  • It has Palm and index finger padding with cushioned finger back lining for extra protection
  • It is get-go Game ready gloves
  • It already comes 90% broken-in from the factory
  • Affordable
  • Hand of it is geared for a child, up to around 11-year-old child would fit it well.
  • May be too small for more than 11-year-old youth

Rawlings Players Series Youth Tball/Baseball Gloves

First of all, if you are looking for a cheap but perfect or even the best little league gloves at a certain budget then go for this one. Look, it is not only inexpensive but also have may pros and advantages. It comes with sturdy construction and the material quality is also decent which is great for the price.

At this price, it may be difficult to find other alternatives, and even you manage to find an alternative that would not be as good as this one. It perfect for a little leaguer. Its color combination is also very attractive and little leaguer are going to love this one.

It is going to help up nice and as you kid has space for more growth, the glove will be outgrown by your kid in the future, so it’s better to spend the money on this one. It is inexpensive and more importantly, one of the best little league baseball gloves at this price.

  • Inexpensive
  • Designed as a utility glove for any position
  • A lightweight and reliable option
  • Perfect for defensive play
  • Great for the beginning youth baseball player and Little league
  • Durable Material and will long last
  • added quickness, optimal balance, and an easy-to-close feel has been provided its lightweight textured vinyl design makes it possible
  • Basket web pattern helps in grabbing fly balls with relative ease
  • Its softshell lets players scoop up grounders conveniently
  • Attractive Color Combination
  • Great Starter
  • Easy-fit
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Material is Decent

How To Choose The Right Little League Baseball Gloves?

To choose the right glove, you need to know the basics of baseball games and the gloves required for different positions. There are two things that you should always watch out for:

  1. Webbing
  2. Pocket

Webbing: Speaking of webbing, you will find different types of web made in the glove but it always comes down to open and closed web. It doesn’t matter for whom you are looking for a glove.

Every adult and youth gloves have webbing which attaches thumbs of the player to the fingers. These types of webbing have been specially designed fr different positions in the fields. The focused job of webbing is to hold and grip the ball and make sure t don’t fall easily.

>>>Open Web: Perfect for outfielders and infielder as they must pass the ball quickly. This kind of design gives them a fast and quick transition for passing. Plus, the open web is a good choice as it gives a longer reach when catching. It also offers a wider / full view of the ball when catching pop-flys.

>>>Closed Web: Perfect for catchers, pitchers, and infielders. It offers additional support to the catcher for long repetitive throws. It is also ideal and perfect for pitchers because it almost hides the ball and his grip, so the batter can’t see it.

Pockets: Pocket is where the ball actually lands after its caught by the player. Different depths have been given in different gloves for different kinds of positions. So, the obvious thing that one must keep in mind is its pocket depth

>>>Shallow Pockets: Shallow Pockets are designed for infielders for quick transfers from other players.

>>>Deeper Pockets: Deeper Pockets are perfect for outfielders as it offers great support for grasping hard shots and hard fly.

Now, its time to learn the factors that you need to consider before buying any little league baseball glove.

3 Factors to Consider When Selecting the Right Little League Baseball Gloves

It is very important to choose the right glove. Not all little league gloves are the best one for your kid. So, that is why it is very certain to consider a few factors when selecting or buying the best baseball little league gloves. Facing the truth, your kid will outgrow the size of any little league youth baseball gloves as there is space for more growth in the future.

For example, when he will be 8 years old, he will need a different size and the size of the gloves will be smaller for 10 years old. So, it is important to know to have some idea about the basic factors that every parent needs to consider when purchasing a baseball glove for their kids.

In case if you are looking for the best baseball gloves for high school then check this guide out. Now let’s learn what are the factors that one need to consider:

  • Size

The first and the most important factor that everyone should know and consider is size. If you make any wrong size baseball glove purchase, your kid game will be ruined, even before he set his foot in the field. Let me clear you that sizes also vary and depend upon the player position.

In one word, different sizes are required for different positions of the player so that any hardworking young player will have the best possible experience and performance. Here I am availing you the size chart depending on his age and position.

BaseBal lGloves Sizing Chart
BaseBall Glove Sizing Chart
  • Material

The second thing that comes to our mind is its quality. The material used in baseball gloves decides its overall quality and reliability. As I told you earlier, most of the gloves available in the market are made for plastic leather or of bad quality leather. It is difficult to find a pure leather baseball glove for little league.

As of right now, it can be difficult to differentiate the material because most of the gloves are made from plastic leather but not pure leather. Always remember that ultra-soft pure leather ensures easy closure and break-in.

When comparing adult gloves with youth gloves, you will find that only a fewer portion of the youth gloves has been made from pure leather. This is because your kids will outgrow the size of the glove in the future.

However, fortunately, all the little league baseball gloves mentioned here are the best ones and made from best quality leather. A few of them are also high-end gloves.

  • Price

Price may the last factors few may consider but not the least. The third most common factor that everybody generally considers is its price. Everyone has a budget but you need to make sure that you are not negotiating the quality.

Choose a budget-friendly high-quality little league glove. It is a truth that not always the expensive ones prove to be the best one available in the market but it is also true that few gloves may cost you a lot but it worths the cost.

You should always know the advantages and disadvantages of the glove because no product can be 100% perfect. Always read the Pros and Cons of the product before making any purchase.

How to Break in a Little League Baseball Gloves?

Breaking-in is the most common thing that every player will need to do before a real match. Never fool yourself by thinking you don’t need to break-in. Without break-in, the glove would be stiff to use and cracks will start to appear.

Here I am going to tell you some ways that you can use to break-in your kid little league baseball gloves.

The Best Way

The best way is to just start playing catch with your kid. Yes, it is going to take time and is not the fastest way to break-in but the bonus part is that you will get to spend some quality time with your kid. Nothing can be more precious than spending some family time.

If you want the break-in easier and faster, you can put some oil. By putting some oil you will lubricate the glove which will soften the leather making the breaking in easier and faster. After applying the best oil for a baseball glove, start playing. The more he squeezes the glove, the more it will break-in completely.

Other Method to Break-In a Glove

Other ways to break-in the gloves is to put a ball in the glove and tie it with a rubber or shoestring. It can be a faster way for the quickest break-in. After trying it, leave the glove in the direct sunlight for few hours only. Once its done, move the glove in the dark sry spot and leave it for overnight. The next day, you can start stretching but don’t forget to oil it properly.

Final Conclusion

Now, I will tell you my favorite ones for the little league

If I were you and will want to choose a high-end little league baseball glove for my kid then I would have gone for either “Nokona Alpha Select Youth Glove” or “Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

But in case of a tight budget – my pick would be “Rawlings Players Series Youth Tball/Baseball Gloves” or “Franklin Sports Baseball Glove – Field Master Mitt

If your kid is playing in little league and he is 8-year-olds then you may want to check our special guide where I have shared 9 best baseball gloves for 8-year-olds.

Always choose a glove by keeping your kid playing position in mind. In case if you are looking for youth infield baseball gloves then check these 9 best youth infield baseball gloves. Are you a pitcher? If you are then here are 9 best baseball gloves for pitchers.

Hi, I'm Lucas M. Anderson (Ex- baseball player). My baseball career got shattered due to knee injury but I didn't quit and now I am a little league baseball coach and content writer. I remember, how ambitious I was for my baseball career. I hope you all get what you want and achieve great success. If you find any error or correction in the article, please let me know. Good Luck & Congrats for your new baseball mitts. :)

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